Saturday night winge about TV Licence!!!

Just a wee moan, as this really bugs me . I will start the post by saying I think the BBC is worth every single penny we pay for it, I just hate the way it's dealt with.
1) Firstly when I bought my first house for the first weeks I only watched NETFLIX, because I wanted to split my 3 big annual bills up. The letters I got from TVL at that time were absolutely disgusting basically assuming you were watching tv and breaking the law. Although most people watch tv a lot of people don't there are 2 people in my team (of 8) at work who genuinely don't need a licence as you know they are too busy living life to watch tv.

2) I bought my licence on the 3rd September 2016 why oh why do they expire on the last working day of the month?

3) Whilst I would prefer to pay my TV Licence yearly, if I did want to pay it monthly you have to pay for 18 months in first 12 . If your lucky enough to live to 75 I assume you get the 6 months back then,

4) I would have preferred to buy my TV Licence on the 3rd of the month, but wanted to watch the Xfactor tonight so bought it today, what part of the fee pays for ITV?

5) If I had waited until Monday to buy my licence on Monday, technically I would be breaking the law right now, but come Monday I would have paid for today anyway (per point 2)

It's a stupidly flawed system in this day and age surely they can encrypt BBC so only those that pay for it can use it and those who don't watch it can either watch other channels without breaking the law or live a tv free life without getting nasty letters through the door periodically.
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