Withdrawing £20k in cash

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I need to withdraw £20k cash to buy a new car (cash in hand).
The seller is giving a £1k discount for cash payment.
I have never taken out this much money before.
Can I just walk into my local branch and do it, or will I be arrested?
Or do I need to order it? If I do, how do I do this?
I'd also prefer £50 notes only.


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    Pre-order and get ready for lots of questions
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    I doubt you'll be arrested!

    I'd definitely go in ahead of time and order it, particularly if you want £50s. Banks tend to keep minimal cash on hand.

    I do have to wonder where your £1k discount is coming from, mind - if it's a tax dodge, put it this way; they'll be saving a lot more than £1k on tax...
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    Ring your bank up and state that you need to withdraw £20k in cash in 50s at the branch you want to collect from.

    They will then give you a date to turn up and request you for ID and "reason", the "reason" will be notified to HMRC and any ML institutes and thats it.
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    Sounds dodgy to me.

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    Sounds dodgy to me.
    All of his posts sound dodgy :D
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    Are you happy with the bona fides of the seller?
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    No legitimate, honest car dealer is going to ask for cash payment,; debit card or bank transfer maybe, but this sound like a risky transaction, where you could be left holding a lemon or stolen goods with no recourse. just saying...
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    I'd avoid getting that much cash out - IMO the £1000 "discount" isn't worth the hassle, or the safety aspect of having £20k in cash on me if something were to happen. I'd insist on paying electronically, or at worst a bankers cheque so there is at least some recourse if something goes wrong.

    But if you HAVE to do it, definitely need to organise it ahead of time so the bank will have the funds on hand in the denominations that you require. Be prepared for questions galore.
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    All of his posts sound dodgy :D

    Yep, he claims he is 27 years old and has a son who has made 30k online in two months.
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    Is the car brand new or just new to you? Presumably you will be getting a receipt if it is a brand new car. In my experience, the best deals are always when you agree to take the dealer's finance option (and settle early) and not cash. Dealers generally don't like to have large amounts of cash on the premises - so it doesn't really sound like a dealer transaction.

    Is this one of those 'Nudge nudge wink wink, meet me in the service station/Sainsburys car park, guv' purchases?

    Whatever you do, don't go alone.
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