Landlord wants more money

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    I am sure the landlord will end up paying significantly more than he has offered.

    You have a tenancy until next August and compelling personal reasons to not want to move at this point in time.

    How much would you accept to move? Take that figure, add 25% for negotiation, and then submit a counter offer - along with an acceptable date for you to move by.

    Alternatively, just continue to pay the rent until your tenancy ends.
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    Thanks all for your advice,

    Im not sure how to quote on here but we only paid three months up front for the first 6 months because we could afford too. However, they knew full well this was not how it would always be. Which is why it wasn't written in the tenancy.

    I emailed them the other day explaining our circumstances, the length of our tenancy and that I am pregnant/not wanting to move and that all matters regarding this issue I would like via email/post
    I also asked for the landlords contact details.

    (I also called and asked for his details, which one of the office girls said she couldn't give us, and the manager would call back. She didn't. )

    They did not reply to my email answering any of my questions only asking if we had received the letter from the landlord and what was our decision as he needs to know.

    So I will write another email taking on all the points from the latest posts as they obviously just ignore any emails they don't like.

    I will also post it.

    Thank you.
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    That's completely irrelevant to the OP, CT.

    It`s about a landlord that wants more money.
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    It`s about a landlord that wants more money.
    And completely irrelevant to the OP.
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    OP, I wouldn`t bother writing back and forth, just pay monthly, and move out when you are ready/ the contract says.
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    Hey all, thought I would give you all the latest update and wanted to say thank you so much for all the advice and support. It meant so much.


    'We have received an e-mail from the landlord this morning stating they will be looking to rent a property in the area and will be happy for you to stay at XXX

    If the landlords tenancy goes well they may look to stay in rented accommodation. We will review this in August. '

    The only time they have ever acknowledged that we have until August, so I am pleased.
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    Great news, I am so happy for you :D

    Hopefully you can now relax and look forward to your baby. Let us know how it goes and whether it's boy or girl
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