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    At the moment the debt is around £22.3k so not quite under £22k as hoped but still going in the right direction.

    Few more bits sold on FB / eB@y etc.  Always a bit of a hassle but worth it in the end.  Had first non paying bidder on eB@y but raised a case which closes tomorrow then will relist.

    Trying to declutter in general so what can't be sold is being freecycled or recycled.  Would love to think by the end of the year the house could be a bit more straight.  Need to have a major sort out in the kitchen cupboards as there u=is no rhyme nor reason to where stuff has been put away and it's impossible to find things.  Need to rationalise a bit as well!

    Working on another consultancy project right now and will have another one soon afterwards, it's always a bit of a pain and restricts my free time whilst it's going on but it is good money and that is what counts!  Have given up some voluntary work I was doing which was making me seriously unhappy and sucking up a lot of time.  I will come back to it later but when I do I will set better boundaries to protect myself.
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    Current debt level £20.6k and most importantly WIOTW figure is £299,999 so under £300k for the first time in a long while!

    Very expensive month, huge credit card bill to be paid end of September (including wood flooring for lounge which was planned) so next month won't see any impact on debt at all.  Then October we have our builder coming to fit the flooring so will be minimal reduction then but hope to get under £20k. 

    November and December should see us back to reducing the debt as normal.
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    Oh god, I'm rubbish at this debt free thing.  To be fair, it's not really me, its my other half who keeps finding "projects" he wants to work on.  Seeing as he earns much more than me I don't feel like I can always say no.  The projects will cover their own costs when finished but he has so many he's nowhere near finishing and selling any yet.  So debt has increased again, only consolation is it hasn't gone back into the £30ks but it's close.

    Builder will be here the week after next and will need paying, credit card bill not hideous this month but best case we will break even at end of October so don't see us reducing the debt much until November.

    Current debt level £29k - WIOTW £305.6k.
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    Sorry you have gone backwards...it’s hard keeping others on track. Are your finances completely joint or could you just track your own for now, would that help? 
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    Thanks Suzanne, our finances are pretty much joint but I mostly manage it.  The trouble is he earns a good salary and has always had spare money so he's struggling to adjust to the fact that, due to the mouldy old fall-y down house we bought which needs a lot of money spending on it, we need to prioritise spending and that might mean waiting to buy things.  To be fair, I'm just as bad but me hobbies are less expensive!

    Time for a good honest conversation, I'm nervous about this level of debt at this time with the way the economy is so we need to really hit it hard.

    That said, we have an urgent project on the house which needs doing ASAP - it will actually save us money in the long term but it's a "stitch in time" project which needs attending to before it becomes a bigger issue.  Gaaahhhh!
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