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Feast or famine

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    MrsP, I think I get into a strict no spending mentality for a little while then rebel against it big time.

    NSD here; despite really really wanting a twix today, I stayed strong!
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    Not a NSD.

    £25 to send my glasses off for repair - cheaper than replacing them and I didn't see anything I liked in the optician. Once I get my prescription I will order a couple of spare pairs using the MSE code - with thinned lenses it will be £40 for 2 pairs so well worth it to keep for spares.

    OH has ordered a bit of IT kit which replaces something we have already - it was £180 but much more energy efficient and as it is always on it will pay for itself within a year. Also it was £200 when he first looked at it a couple of weeks ago so saved £20. Had already budgeted for this as well.

    On the plus side I made breakfast and lunch so no spends there and stopped on way home to charge my electric car for free at the dealer so got about 80 miles free driving out of it and a free hot chocolate :D
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    More budgeted spends coming up - OH is going to a conference in US late November so we need to order him some dollars. He should get some back in expenses but not sure how much so not including this in forecast and anything we get will be a nice bonus.

    I'll order the currency from JLP and use my JLP card to pay so it adds to the cashback we get.

    Last lot of vouchers was over £100 (used the credit card to buy our minibus so got £30 vouchers just for that!) which I used to do a huge stock up shop last week.

    £5 on Christmas present to £210 spent today.

    Horrible weather here so lit the fire.
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    £45 at vet, expected it to be £30 but cat needs another course of antibiotics so a bit more than anticipated.

    Also ordered some new fire rope.for the wood burner as it will be cheaper than replacing the glass of it falls out! £30.

    Ordered dollars to be collected this week. Need to book OHs car parking at airport but he will get that back on expenses and we'll go via TCB so get some cashback.

    Lunch will be HM leek and potato soup with keeks from freezer and potatoes which need using up, got a loaf on in BM. Need to organise something for dinner, got lots of mince in freezer so will probably do a chilli or similar.

    Might have wine tonight, I have a bottle but will need to pick some up for OH so challenge will be not to buy anything else!
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    So as mentioned I have four areas of my life I am trying to improve. To expand on some of those...


    Main goal is to lose weight (42lb by June 2019). Next week I will rejoin Slimming World. I aim to walk 10km every day (tracked on my sports watch). I hit it most days, hit target at 15.00 today.

    I need to lose a bit of weight before I can restart C25K. Had good success with this last year and found I actually enjoyed running but lost the habit around August and didn't get back into it so need to restart.

    I have a gym near work I can go to before work or at lunchtime so need to work that into
    my routine. I'm a member and it's £13 a month but haven't been for weeks (okay months).

    I want to cut down drinking as it's become too regular / routine. Aiming to drink at weekends only. Had 1/3 bottle wine and one gin last night so pleased with that.


    Have a number of projects started but not finished. Need to project plan and cost them all.

    Got a quote for some work in our living room from our builder type contractor. He's very good, reliable and hard working so we trust him. Work will be £1,200 including materials.

    Once that's done, OH can rewire (got everything to do this), we can get room plastered (not sure on cost of this), then can out flooring down (got everything we need for this) and redecorate.

    So £1,200 plus cost of plastering and paint and our living room would be complete.

    In terms of repayments, if builder can do work in November (unlikely) we could still pay £1,600 off debts. If he can't we can pay £2,800 off :D


    Done some tidying today but lots of planning, costing and work to sort out what we want. We have about 1/3 of an acre that goes all round the house. We need to find a way to partition the garden into useful / productive segments.

    We keep ducks and chickens but they are a huge cost, take up a lot of time and space, tie us to being around at dusk to get them in and don't really produce enough to justify themselves. We either need to find a way to make them work for us or decide that it's not working and stop.
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    Haven't spoken to builder yet so that definitely won't happen this month and probably not before Christmas so one expense deferred.

    Have spent the day tidying and sorting so kitchen is looking a little better - the house is a mess and we have so much stuff, it's hard to see much impact; it really is an eating the elephant task! Every little bit helps though.

    Have been naughty in the black Friday sales - first time I've ever bought anything! Bought an Echo speaker; we were looking to buy a refurbished one but they reduced the new ones so they were £5 less than refurbished.

    I may also have bought a robot vac; again we have been considering it for a while and it will help massively with getting on top of the housework so help towards the "house" theme. But it was a completely unplanned and unbudgeted expense. We will ask family to contribute for birthday / Christmas - OH's mum has been nagging us to sort something out so that will go some way towards it.

    On the plus side I got a JLP gift card for nearly £8 for some mouldy meatballs (£5 for inconvenience as they sent the first card to the wrong address) - doesn't quite balance out!
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    So there is still a little money shuffling to do but by my calculations the debt is now down to £28,700

    So a reduction of £2,800 on last month :j I had calculated a reduction of £2,885 so slightly short (as am I :p) but I'm happy with that.

    Have emailed builder to ask his availability but no reply yet - unlikely he will be available in December so imagine it will be January. December reduction calculated at £1,700. Let's see how that goes.

    Rang credit card company (the one I use for all purchases and pay in full every month). Had a brain fart last month and short paid by £23 so incurred £36 of interest (on whole balance). They have refunded as a gesture of goodwill as they can see I always pay off in full - lesson learned, double, no triple check the statement total!
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    Forgot to say, OH went to states for work, when he got back he still had almost $400 so I can change those back for almost £300 and that will reduce the debt a bit more, plus most of what he spent out there can be expensed so there will be a bit more to come back too. Maybe we can get the debt down to £28,200 with all that included but won't count it until I know for sure.

    I also don't include my S&S ISA which will be at around £500 this month so that would be below £28,000!
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    Got scanner set up so sat in lounge with fire going, scanning documents so I can then burn them and declutter the house. Paperwork is a huge issue for us - we have so much it doesn't get filed then we can't find it when we need it so this will hopefully kick-start us getting more organised!

    May have a glass of wine to hand whilst doing so! Reading diaries in between scanning documents.
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    £16.28 in interest on savings, £8.57 confirmed but not yet payable on TCB, have emailed my S&S ISA provider to close account and transfer savings (£394 currently) as I have had no end of issues with them. Will wait until April and set up new S&S ISA with better provider.

    Keep on chipping away.

    Bag of clothes and odds and ends to go to charity shop and 3 things sold in auction for cat rescuer I support to be posted. Also hoping to send dollars off (if I can find them!)

    Builder has confirmed for February so we now have a deadline to rewire living room by then!
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