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    I think the poster is getting confused with online purchases.......which was not the case here as OP clearly states bought in store.

    I probably am as the last time I went to an actual store to purchase something other than essentials like food etc. was a long time ago indeed.

    I'm basing it on what I know about the Consumer Rights Act, but it is probably much different for in-store purchases than online like mailing order catalogs etc. which will accept a return provided it hasn't been opened at all or any seals broken, in simple terms.

    I did go in-store once to Homebase, as I no longer needed an extra supply of paint I purchased. They accepted the return as it was unopened and sealed then refunded it using their card terminal.

    I don't know the law in regards to the charges they describe, however I have read bits and pieces from the government website and I managed to find the bit in bold which might be useful to someone with a bit more knowledge in this area of consumer rights. It fits in with the previous suggestion that they are not obliged to accept the return when in-store, as that is also what the government website states. There is one exception to that rule though, where the buyer has not been able to see what the product looks like, which can also be found on the government website, hence why I asked them if they saw it beforehand or not.
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    “If the flooring was bought in store then the merchant can refuse a refund with no terms and conditions needed. They can make up their own rules so if they say you can cancel but we want 25% then so be it.

    Only when they have terms and conditions for in store purchases do they need to abide by them”

    Hey bud sorry for the late reply.

    I was speaking purely from a debit/credit card dispute angle. If this was a customer I was dealing with I’d get a refund for them through a chargeback on the basis no terms were disclosed.

    Do you get terms disclosed when you buy from a supermarket?
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