Anyone had dealings withg Business Stream / Southern Water

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For years we have been supplied by Southern Water without problem, the meter was read and the bills paid, circa £88 every 6 months.

Last year we got a letter saying we would now be swapped over to Business Stream, when I queried that we didn't own or run a business they said it was because they service a mobile home and stables and in their books anything non traditional is a business category. So it seems 2 rescue ponies now constitutes a business.

Anyway a DDR was taken last September from a read meter reading we paid the £87 . Nothing since. I rang up to be told a meter reading was taken in Feb of this year but they couldn't understand why the DDR hadn't been collected. So they've just collected £336 owed from February and we will be due another bill in September. Assuming the bill is the same as the usage hasn't changed we will pay another 6 months at £336 so our annual water bill have gone from £160 a year to £600+ just by being taken over by this Business Stream people.

We are paying £1.31 per unit now ? does this seem right ?


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    why not switch to another provider you may get a better rate
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    I am a bit naïve in this though in that I thought you had to have water from a local supplier ? But yes if its an option I will look to move, thankyou.
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    Why didn't you challenge the transfer from domestic billing to business, if you believe it is wrong? That is the reason for the huge increase-not the switch of supplier.
    Domestic customers in England cannot change suppliers.
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    Hi macman

    I did ask why and said I wasn't happy with the decision but was fobbed off about with the answer of the property not meeting their normal bricks and mortar status. In hindsight I should have persevered but didn't realise there would be such a difference price wise so didn't think it would be a major issue.

    I will try again
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    Mobile home generally means something with wheels on, such as a caravan - is this the case?

    Also, just because you have a few sheds does not mean you are running a business.

    Complain and don't stand for being fobbed off - it's your money they are taking.

    Better still, complain in writing, not by phone and don't be afraid to escalate to the Ombudsman.
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