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As you would expect having a new baby we have received lots of gifts, I am now wanting to send a thank you card to all of these lovely people. Does anyone know where i can get a thankyou card that i can put a picture of baby on that doesn't cost a fortune i am going to need a lot and the ones i have seen so far seem expensive?



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    Free prints app or Snapfish app , 50 free prints a month , get 50 baby pictures

    Stick on , or in , cheap plain cards
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    I bought plain cream cards and painted the sole of my son's foot and printed that on each one - none were the same but everyone who got one loved it!
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    Browntoa wrote: »
    Free prints app or Snapfish app , 50 free prints a month , get 50 baby pictures

    Stick on , or in , cheap plain cards

    With our wedding thankyou cards we got card blanks from the works, our wedding car driver had suggested stopping on route to the reception and taking some photos of us with the car by our most pretty local park. So I had a photo from my wedding day that no one had anything simular on there own camera or phone. We found a good deal on line and uploaded and ordered. We had 60 cards for under 20 p each with just a bit of time gluing them together. People seemed to appreciate the effort.
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    I'm guessing you don't have a printer at home? Does anyone in your family or friends have one (for a contribution to ink) and make your own. Buy some decent paper, upload a photo and some words. They don't have to be professional quality because everyone will appreciate the thank you and a picture of your beautiful baby.
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