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Weekly Flylady Thread 2nd July 2018

edited 5 July 2018 at 11:22PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
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    I have 3 small boxes of books for Fabian.. and a bookcase to empty.. and 4 boxes to fill with wool to go in the loft.. and 4 underbed storage boxes to fill with the excess books.
    I've put up a curtain in lieu of a door for the M&M room.

    Then I have to..

    move the bookcase
    empty and bin the pink chest of drawers
    move the vanity unit to the other side of the bed
    sand the wall where the now removed radiator used to be.

    I have decided where the furniture and decor will be in there and in my head it is lovely!!

    I need £140 for decorator, £65 for plumber.

    I've requested quotes for the downstairs loo and shower I need doing so I can see how many banks I need to rob.

    Oh... middle room..

    The spinny chairs are being moved from the back room to the middle room. the purple sofa to the back room.

    I'm having a chappy come possibly brick up the chimney in the back room.. I need a quote.. more ebeasting!!
    I can then fit the carpet in the back room and when I can afford to raise the floor in there I can just roll it up and get it done and roll it back down again.
    The front room is losing DD2's stuff to the middle room and the desk to the M&M room and that will leave room for Twinkles toys in the front room which will clear room in the girls bedroom for the cot to move in there..

    I will need a bed finding for DD2 for the middle room and I think we are all set to get on with our chaotic lives...

    I can do all that in 3 days right??
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    Jojo_the_TightfistedJojo_the_Tightfisted Forumite
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    edited 4 July 2018 at 8:22PM
    Stage and surroundings all look very sparkly and pretty, if I ever see a roll..... I shall probably scream and beat somebody about the head with.....

    Told another kid they had exactly thirty seconds to sort out their issue with another kid, forget about it or wait until after school to continue their dispute because I am too busy to do anything other than summon the boss, who will already be mad when they get here because I've disturbed them when they're busy. Pointed out to another that I appreciated how frustrating it must be to find something has been unplugged, but it's certainly not my fault and I am really not in the mood to have them ripping MY head off about it and I would try and help them if they remember not to take it out on me.

    As usual, the printer has died. It always breaks down if you're forced to leave massive and urgent print runs until the last minute. That's why I ask for the things a week in advance.,,,,,,,,,,

    snips for oversharing :D

    I'm hot, in pain and tired.

    But I'm sure the Boss will be roundly applauded for their wonderful work tomorrow night.

    Himself made me food when I limped in (chicken chargrill and a plate of leaves with a tomato), but I'm hungry again.

    I need carbs. I miss potatoes (especially as the potato salad for lunch had been allowed to boil dry so now tastes of burned potatoes and contaminated everything else in the box with the smell/taste).

    I might send him for chips.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.
    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • Dizzy_ImpDizzy_Imp Forumite
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    Evening all. Still 5000° here, so I am a hot, sweaty, grumpy, tired mess.

    Will catch up on everyone's news tomorrow but wanted to wish ATB the very best of luck for your interview in the morning - go get 'em girl!
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    Oh atb so much love and good wishes coming your way, go smash it girl x I can relate to the financial problems about OH being self employed. There have been so many times when I have wished that DH would go and get a "normal" job.

    I am still waiting to hear if my temporary promotion is going to be permanent. Very stressful.

    Have done 7.5 hrs at the paid stuff, quickly hoovered, mopped floors, threw some diced chicken in a jar of sauce, went to my gym class and swished kitchen cupboard doors. 30 minutes with a G&T and the laptop then I am done for the day.
  • Natty68Natty68 Forumite
    2.8K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic Mortgage-free Glee!
    I am sòooooo sorry for missing today's brain for moment.

    I have put what would have been today's list up as well tomorrow's one.

    Hope you didn't miss this list too much :)

    :(Struggling financially :(

    :) Mortgage Free as of 20.9.17 :)
  • dancemumdancemum Forumite
    2.3K posts
    Ninth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    Lots of laundry done
    Parcels collected from nxt
    Dance grandparents!!!8217; medicines collected and delivered
    Half my tooth fell out only 2 weeks after the crown on its tooth neighbour was replaced. Can!!!8217;t get an appointment until Tuesday.
    DS2 is supposed to be doing a doe expedition next week with a over night. Not sure how he will manage especially with taking food to cook as he only eats orange breadcrumbed food for dinner.


    found out this week that some elderly relatives have been ripped off by a shifty odd job man, he took over £300 off them over the weekend. They were scared to report it. I only found out when I saw the man going up their drive and then I found him in their living room. We told the carers and some nurse team and then rang other officials today. It is heart breaking they are so vulnerable.

    slinkyness I may have been right with the 3 stone but on instead of off :(
  • wishingthemortgaheawaywishingthemortgaheaway Forumite
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    1,000 Posts Second Anniversary
    I'm making a pledge: today I will fly!

    Need to drop the Pickle off at the Childminder's and I have someone coming to visit at 10:30, that gives me just over 2 hours. I will:

    *Put all dry washing away (not done it in days!)
    *Tidy our bedroom to sort out the remaining bits from the decorator being here.
    *Remove the items from hall/stairs & landing that shouldn't be there.
    *Finish the cellar sort (stairs & corridor bit)
    *quick tidy of rest of the house
    *deal with the dining room!!

    Please could you offer me advice flyers?
    Our dining room is a through room, from the hallway (which is narrow) to the living room, back yard, kitchen & cellar. As such the dining room and especially the table, become a bit (lot) of a dumping ground. It's got particularly out of hand this week, but it's never good. It is a 'hot spot' what can I do to reduce the hot spottyness of it?

    Right best get up - Pickle's gro clock is telling him it's morning.
    Thank you.
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    ionafanionafan Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    edited 5 July 2018 at 7:38AM
    Happy Birthday, dancemum xx
    Hope the broken tooth doesn't stop you enjoying a treat or two.

    Good luck atb!

    Hope you get good news soon, YL.

    Wish, I can only suggest that you never walk through your DR without taking one thing to put away in its proper place, and train others to do the same, and clear it completely once a day so that it never gets too bad. I have the same problem with our dining table which is next to our front door, and it gets boxes, bags, post, newspapers and things to be delivered to other people left on it.

    I'm feeling better today so must concentrate on my assignment, but first I need another cuppa.

    Flying so far this morning has consisted of putting away last night's washing up and removing some more of the ghastly coloured paint that is stopping my spiky potted succulent (gift from friend who is not a gardener) from growing. I could almost hear the plant sighing with relief as I exposed the growing tip of each leaf and picked off some of the paint.

    When DH finally emerges from his cocoon, I will strip our bed and wash the bedding today. And the downstairs floors are covered in bits of moss from the area of dried up grass that has replaced the 'lawn', so I might persuade DH to hoover round everywhere.

    Hope everyone has a good day x
  • kazwookiekazwookie Forumite
    11.6K posts
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic

    Happy Birthday

    Wish, I would remove the table for a month or so, so folk have to take their 'stuff' with them, then replace the table at a later date.

    Downstairs all hoovered
    Kitchen floor done
    WM done and out on line
    Bank done.............
    Volunteer job checked, I just need to ring a few people.

    Dancing it is a good job you arrived at the house when you did, do they have a door chain they can put on before opening to unknown people?
    I would also suggest you or someone else who they trust, goes therough their bank statement just to make sure they have not set up any DD or SO's to 'unknown' companies etc and maybe help them to change their pin number as well.
    Scum bags people like that praying on older folk, give them 10 mins with me, actually no, I wouldn't need 10 mins.......2mins would do.
    :) Sun, Sea :)

  • klew356klew356 Forumite
    751 posts
    Fourth Anniversary 500 Posts
    Talking of eBay I have just bought a designer bag I have been eying up for ages and its 85 quid which im too tight to spend for 25!!!! Said it had been used a couple of times, ermmmm its like brand new! :money: :money: :money::cool:
    Was in such a foul mood :mad: :mad: :mad: (work related) ((doesn’t happen often)) that I didn’t enjoy the night away the horses like I should of, came home early, had the LO pasta blog and then ended up consoling myself with madeira cake and choc ice cream, which I felt that guilty about the last portion of choc ice cream I let melt and have chucked it! Whata woman :p

    Tonight it’s the pork chop and roasted veg but im gunna take the dog out for a long wander, ifs super hot it is a long swim and a shorter walk – make some thing nice for tomorrows lunch seeing as thank goodness its Friday

    I need to spot clean my living room carpet its doing my head in then I will do some of these
    Tantalising Thursday ~ Dining Room and Entance/Porch
    Level One..
    [STRIKE]Open windows and let air in[/STRIKE]
    Clean cobwebs
    Dust windowsills and [STRIKE]front door[/STRIKE]
    Throw away any newspapers/magazines that aren't needed.
    Level Two..
    Put plants in shower & give them a good rinse. Remember to put them back before everyone has a shower in the morning - it might be a bit unnerving having to shower with a plant!!!
    Clean and dust shiny things/mirror and glass
    Clean lightswitches of hand prints or smudges
    Level Three...
    Move furniture, if safe to do so, and hoover underdeath
    Clean and straighten any drawer
    Add a personal touch to the table - pretty tablecloth, vase of summer flowers!!
    Clean TV, other electricals and cabinets
    Clean under sofa/chair cushions - lets see if you can find any money or even anything that you have lost recently
    Wipe down light fixtures - make those bulbs shine at night!
    • Refill bird feeders
    • Throw away any dead plants
    • HHI
    • Binbag dance - Get a binbag... fill it and bin it!!
    • Wash any cushions, throws etc that need it..
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