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Money Moral Dilemma. Should Sharon pay to clean Tracey up?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Sharon pay to clean Tracey up?

Down at the Raspberry Star nightclub, Abba’s Dancing Queen is blaring out; Sharon’s on the dance floor, lightly sashaying and sipping her glass of red wine. Also down there for the night, but with a different party is Tracey, who’s dancing away like a dervish. Both are so enraptured by the music they bump into each other and Sharon’s wine plummets over Tracey’s new white top, white skirt and white shoes. She’s furious and thinks Sharon should pay for the cleaning as she shouldn’t have brought the wine onto the dance floor.
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  • Steel_2Steel_2 Forumite
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    No way.

    If Tracey is silly enough to wear white on a night out that's her look out. Besides, who's to say Tracey won't spill her own drink on herself away from the dancefloor if she gets a bit tipsy herself. Or what if she accidently looses her balance while walking to the loos or the bar and falls onto spilt alcohol or dirt on the floor - will Tracey try to insist the nightclub pay for her cleaning bill?
    "carpe that diem"
  • Since they were both carried away with the mood both should share the responsibility of there actions. Tracey should be aware of her dancing and the people around her and Sharon should not take her drink onto the dance floor for safety reasons. So the answer I would give is that they are both at fault and Sharon should not have to pay Tracey to have her dress cleaned
  • merikiitomerikiito Forumite
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    Does Tracey live in Essex by the way?
  • Drinks shouldn't be allowed on the dance floor. Simple.
    Sometimes you get what you deserve... :cool2:

  • candygirlcandygirl Forumite
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    Sh8t happens especially when alcohol is involved, but ideally there shouldn't be drinks on the dance floor.This should just be chalked up to experience, like back in the day when I used to get drink and go clubbing i'd invariably come home with fag burns in my clothes, off other dancers:rolleyes:
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  • Sharon was an accident waiting to happen. Tracey was the innocent party so Sharon should pay.
  • If Sharon was in 99% of nightclubs in the UK the bouncers would have waded in and manhandled her off the dancefloor for taking a drink on there in the first place.

    That aside, on nights out drinks are spilled etc and Tracey should perhaps chalk it up to experience. None the less might be nice if Sharon apologised or perhaps bought her a drink eh?
  • I'm surprised Sharon even managed to get a glass of wine on to the dance floor - most doorman stop that these days!

    As it stands thought Tracey was dancing like a lunatic so they are both resposible and both should pay half.

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  • Sharon should pay! Every1s out to have fun and some dodgy boogie'n will be happening, sharon shouldn't of had her drink on the dance floor, she's lucky she only spilt wine down Tracey, she might of thrown the glass in her drunken state and caused some1 a real injury.
    Pay up Sharon! Tracey needs to look that good nexttime she goes out!:rotfl:
    I'm getting older, and lifes getting harder!:mad:
  • josie301josie301 Forumite
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    While Sharon should not have had her drink on the dancefloor - although how she managed to get it on there I don't know (maybe the club should pay as the staff weren't doing their job?:p ). This is one of those things that just happens.

    They were both at fault - Sharon may not have been 'drunk' but did have her glass on the dancefloor, But Tracey was dancing like a dervish - and possibly caused the collision.

    Tracey should clean the dress herself and move on.
    Jo x
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