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Anyone else going through the transfer from TalkTalkTV to Rakuten?

They have currently offered 1499 Rakuten Points for lost titles, it doesn't seem to even cover one of the missing shows that paid for via TalkTalk.

Considering if I can just get a refund for lost titles directly from TalkTalkTV.

Anyone else have any experience of this so far?


  • PelicanosPelicanos Forumite
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    I'm stuck in the same boat. Rakuten didn't have most of my blinkbox/talktalk digital content and they refused to refund offering credit, some fair, some ridiculously low. Talking to talktalk was a joke...but I guess some of us have had experience with them before.

    I would like to know what our consumer rights are in these circumstances as seems the companies are exploiting us!!
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    I would also like to know as I think I'm missing about £500 worth of content and it seems if points are offered they expire within 3 months and they do not have much I would want to purchase either, what a shambles, only noticed when I went to watch, they never told me I lost lots of shows etc.

    Sorry to bump but was googling
    Wishing you a lucky 2021:beer:
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    This is what happens when you buy digital content. Physical copies bought from a retailer last forever.
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