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Prepping for Brexit thread

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  • fuddlefuddle Forumite
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    Fabulous thread which has the potential to be incredibly useful.

    My concern surrounds fuel at the moment and I thank my stars that my home is small. My thoughts are turning from ways of preparing food in fuel cut offs/shortages to concern over affording the fuel in the first place.

    I suspect we're all going to have to learn about being mindful over the energy just to avoid the noose of fuel debt.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Thinking about it overnight (awake with high and noisy wind blowing outside) pre-Brexit I shall be looking at the high quality equipment made in the EU, I'm thinking things like good quality walking gear, le creuset kitchenware etc and saving to buy anything needed before it happens as I rather think availability might be patchy afterwards and also that prices will hike beyond our reach. The type of thing I'm thinking of is pretty expensive already and definitely an investment but so well made that they last for years of heavy use rather than the one season before giving up that is usually normal with cheaper things.

    A wonder bag (the polystyrene ball filled ones like hay boxes) will save you much fuel expenditure in cooking as the initial cook to bring the dish up to the point where it can go into the bag for the rest of the cook is only 20 minutes at a simmer or an actual old fashioned hay box itself which is basically an insulated box ( a cardboard one lined with several layers of newspaper is all it takes)filled with hay and a hole in the middle of the hay the size of your casserole/saucepan to nestle it in, and an old pillow case filled with more hay and folded to the size of the box placed on top of the pan then the lid closed over the top and your dish will cook itself, a few hours later all you do is take out the perfectly cooked food and pop it on the hob to make sure it is up to eating heat. They're so easy to make. A pressure cooker/slow cooker will also do the job but both need continuous fuel input while cooking is happening whereas the wonder bag doesn't except for the initial bringing to the boil and reheat after cooking is finished.
  • mardathamardatha Forumite
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    Worrying article in Zerohedge re the rising price of gas in Europe - I posted it on the Prepping thread.
  • Tink_04Tink_04 Forumite
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    I'm trying to look at growing and freezing/storing things so I have veggies all year - I've never grown anything before really so this is vey new! Looking for a OS book which will help. A lot of books I've found are not really what I'm after, any recconendations?

    I'm only growing beans, tomatoes & potatoes so far ... would love to grow more!!
    Living the simple life
  • fuddlefuddle Forumite
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    Tink I'm a new grower too and have tried to pinpoint what I can grow when, but where and plan the harvest and succession planting. It's a challenge because the weather doesn't allow things to go to plan. That being said I work off the last frost date for a general idea. I input my postcode into garden focused website and that gives me all seed sowing dates in terms of what to sow, and when. It's helped but I have had to learn on my feet pretty quickly. Instinct is what a grower needs but we can't have instinct until we've failed a bit I reckon. ;)

    Lyn I've been toying with the idea of getting my meat delivered from an online butcher this month. I've done it in the past and had them delivered in a polystyrene box. That box made a cracking 'hay' box. That was 4 houses ago now and long gone. I would use the box in the greenhouse to protect tender plantings from frost next spring too. I think I have decided :D

    I'll go read it now Mar. :(great.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    The article on gas supplies gives much food for thought doesn't it? Not having a crystal ball it's impossible to do more than take a guess at what may happen in the next few years but I suspect not much of it will be good for Joe Public i.e us! The only sensible things I can think of are to take steps to make things more comfortable and lives slightly less stark by making sure we have warm clothing and warm bedding for the colder days if we can't heat homes for any reason. To think back in history to things that were done to be comfortable before the industrial revolution and research things like 'box beds' and shutters on outside windows as well as curtains inside. Sheepskins on chairs and in pushchairs/cots/kiddies beds make very warm sleeping/sitting. On the home front find recipes that use seasonal local ingredients and make things that cost you one big lot of cooking fuel but then stretch over a few days with reheats using only a little fuel. It's like the vicars mutton which was roast on Sunday, cold on Monday, hashed on Tuesday, Shepherds pie on Wednesday, Broth on Thursday and with fish on Friday, Mutton bone broth on Saturday. Big outlay for the leg of lamb but that's it for the week (or whatever you buy meat wise, it could all be done with brisket too). Grandma and her Grandma must have had so many ways of making ends meet and keeping body and soul together I think that life might actually contain a lot of Back to the Future things in it if we can find out what they were.
  • ShropshirelassShropshirelass Forumite
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    Fuddle I like your idea, I get injections delivered in a beautiful insulated box. It always seems a shame to trash it (takes time to recycle the different components too). I'll try making a hay box with the next. Would be interested in how your plants get on.

    Lyn your babies (Alexander's ) now in a big pot, have produced 2 lovely 'structural' plants topped by large flowers. It has taken a few years for them to flower. I've not tried eating them yet. Now I can recognize them I see them all over the place, looks like a good year - possibly in advance of a bad winter.:eek:
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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    Hi guys

    It!!!8217;s lovely that so many people are interested in my thread. I would like to keep it less political and more practical.
    We had a few years living in a static caravan before OH retired and found that in winter the cold came up through the mattress so we put a duvet underneath the sheet which made a lovely snuggly bed.
    I also found crocheted blankets warmer than knitted squares ( however I have made a smaller throw where I doubled up the yarn and that!!!8217;s good too)
    Our tiny flat isn!!!8217;t bad at holding in the heat in winter. We bought it at auction and buyer beware the underfloor heating doesn!!!8217;t work anymore but one (moveable ) electric radiator will keep us toasty (which is a lot cheaper than the old fashioned underfloor heating would have ) We are only electric in our block. Our bedroom has a door which only gets closed when we have guests staying because it gets too hot but if it gets really cold will nicely keep us warmer if needed.
    We aren!!!8217;t too bad for blankets and throws so I may start on one each for my boys as part of their Xmas present. The youngest is just waiting to complete on his first bought home and they both already have one each I made years ago from their student days when beer was important than heat. Also I can!!!8217;t eat and crochet so that helps with the dieting.

    The polystyrene cooking box sounds a brill idea but we are so short of space I may have to make do with my slow cooker for now.

    Anyway time to get on
    Bye for now
    January NST 2/16
  • fuddlefuddle Forumite
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    Interestingly I find that I use far more yarn when crocheting than I do when I knit. To my mind there's more involved in a crochet stitch than a knitted stitch (knit and purl at least) and maybe why there's a warmer feel.
  • C_JC_J Forumite
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    This might sound a bit daft, but I have stocked up on olive oil in anticipation of a price rise. I use it a lot. Aldi currently have their large bottles (750ml I think) of extra virgin olive oil (which is lovely) on offer at just over £2 so I've bought a few. Unopened and kept in a dark cool cupboard it should last a couple of years I think.
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