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Samsung Plasma TV no longer switching on - buy new TV or (attempt) a cheap fix?

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  • almillaralmillar Forumite
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    I've taken the decision to take the back off the TV and have a glance at the PSU. If the PSU looks like a total goner, I'll take the risk and buy the one I've seen on eBay for £16

    Write the TV off, then treat it as a learning experience. Nothing to lose, as long as you observe electrical safety. Power supply is a good shout, that's why they're supplied separately, they're high load items. If you're able to remove it, or see it well enough without removing it, have a close look at all the capacitors. They can fail and will often bulge, and even burst, at the top, when they fail. If you found one like that, depending on access, you could solder a new one in for pennies.
  • ballyblackballyblack Forumite
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    Also worth looking for a firmware update for your set.

    difficult when it wont switch on!
  • mobileronmobileron Forumite
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    Are you sure you need to solder,i thought that the panels were plug and play. Check You Tube.

    The video panel went on my LG,was going to replace when i saw a video which told me to put the panel in the oven??????

    Its still working 3 months later.
  • brewerdavebrewerdave Forumite
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    ballyblack wrote: »
    difficult when it wont switch on!

    Can't remember exactly how I got to do the s/w upgrade - my set would power up then immediately go off; I loaded the firmware on a USB stick and somehow (with help from Samsung UK Tech. person) I got it to load the new firmware:)
  • I think the reference to soldering was in relation to replacing bulging capacitors not to replacing a complete PSU.
  • getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    Plenty of second hand plasma about people are upgrading from perfectly good sets because they want bigger 4k....

    You are lower down the size food chain @ 40"-50" where the current castsoffs are.
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