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Mag Daily Competitions

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edited 8 February at 12:03PM in Regular Competitions
The following sites all have competitions that you can enter once a day.

All competitions are listed individually on the main board and should be easy to spot or search for by the acronym MD in the thread title.

Please see post #2 below for some frequently asked questions.

Celebs Now


Country Living

Good Housekeeping

Good to know

House Beautiful

Ideal Home

LDN Fashion

Life, Death, Prizes

Look Magazine

Marie Claire


Real People

Trusted Reviews

What's On TV

Woman Magazine

Woman and Home

Woman's Own

Woman's Weekly

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    Marg2k8Marg2k8 Forumite
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    edited 6 April 2019 at 12:44PM
    Frequently asked questions

    Q. How are you notified if you win?
    A. By email

    Q. What is meant by sharing for extra entries?
    A. There has been a bit of debate about this recently, see this thread.

    Q. I’m having problems watching the videos. Are there any tips for dealing with these?
    A. A few people have different suggestions, which are discussed in this thread. These include dragging tabs out into new windows, using one browser to play videos whilst you do something else in another browser and turning off HtML5 autoplay.

    Q. Is there any limit to the number or value of prizes that I can win in any given period?
    A. No. (TBC)

    Q. Can I enter using more than one email address?
    A. No, this is against the rules.

    Q. Sometimes the same prize is on more than one magazine. Does this mean that there is only one prize shared between the various magazines?
    A. Sometimes. Celebs Now, Life, Death, Prizes, What's on TV, Woman, Woman's Own and Woman's Weekly often share one prize across all titles. Sometimes, there may be similar prizes on a few sites, but there is one prize on each of the sites. You would need to check the rules for that particular prize to be sure.

    Q. Do many people on MSE enter the matching numbers competitions.
    A. Probably not. See this thread here.

    Q. How can I tell which competitions are the matching number ones and which have a question?
    A. The ones with a question usually have an end date, whilst the matching number ones usually say 'runs until won'.

    Q. Is there a way to stop those annoying infolinks pop-ups?
    A. Yes, see this thread for suggestions.

    If you think I may have made a mistake to any of the FAQ's above, or can think of any I have forgotten, please comment in the thread in compers chat corner below or send me a PM.
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    Marg2k8Marg2k8 Forumite
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    edited 2 February 2019 at 1:22PM
    saved as spare
    🐟🐟April challenge - something fishy🐟🐟
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    Marg2k8Marg2k8 Forumite
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    edited 17 March at 9:08AM
    We now have a number of volunteers to post the mag daily competitions as follows:-

    Celebs Now - JamboDP

    Cosmopolitan - WeAreGhosts

    Country Living - WeAreGhosts

    Good Housekeeping - bees**knees

    Good to know - bees**knees

    House Beautiful - JamboDP

    Ideal Home - JamboDP

    LDN Fashion - Marg2k8

    Life, Death, Prizes - JamboDP

    Look Magazine - Marg2k8

    Marie Claire - WeAreGhosts

    Prima - Marg2k8

    Real People - bees**knees

    Trusted Reviews - oliveoyl

    What's On TV - JamboDP

    Woman Magazine - JamboDP

    Woman and Home - oliveoyl

    Woman's Own - JamboDP

    Woman's Weekly - JamboDP

    If anyone else would like to volunteer to take any over, or cover for holidays and spread the load, please send me a message. Thanks.
    🐟🐟April challenge - something fishy🐟🐟
  • annatannat Forumite
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    MoneySaving Newbie
    I do these every day so happy to cover  :)
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