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I dont know why helping or giving an answer in this forum as a newbie is why considered as a spam. I am new to this forum so what ever thread I got I replied in that according to my knowledge. the problem is that I just provided the extension which are used rather than providing the firefox extension.

I dont know why answering as a newbie is considered as a spam. May be you need to update your spam filte man. You can check my IP as well for your clarification.:beer:

Best Robert.


  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    If you were a genuine newbie then you would be reading and replying to threads on the first few pages.
    Bit suspicious how you pull up a months old thread on your very fist post to "recommend" a certain converter including domain names !!

    This particular thread seems to be a magnet for first time posters recommending different converters - hence the suspicion

    Also, what is that nonsense about checking your IP address ?

    I think you're a spammer - time will tell

    Welcome to MSE by the way ;)
  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    Don't feel too put out - You absolutely do not need to be a newbie to be accused of spamming. I got one yesterday, despite not mentioning any site, product, service or any kind of promotion at all. I think some people just click the spam button maliciously if they don't like or can't cope with what you say. There are some very precious and fragile little flowers on here. :D

    But yes - a new poster bumping an old thread with addies etc is highly suspicious behaviour and very much the MO of some spammers. Also I'm afraid we have seen more than our fare share of "converter" spam over the years.
  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Former MSE
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    Hi folks

    We're a friendly forum.

    No-one should accuse anyone of anything, including spamming, even if the poster appears to be an obvious spammer.

    If you see anyone being unfriendly on our Forum please report the post by clicking the report button as soon as you see it.

    Thank you!
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