A new TV help please.

Thank you all in advance.
I'm a complete novice when looking for a new TV.

I have a budget up to £800 and im looking for a screen size around 42" with a quality picture but appreciate my budget isnt the best, i've spent days looking now hopefully some TV experts out there.


  • Browntoa
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    Wander into a richer sounds branch if you have one near, no hard sell ! And free 5 year warranty

    That budget is ample , I've just got a smart LG 43 inch ultra HD TV from there for £340 .

    Smart TV means internet connection via WiFi which enables you to access BBC iPlayer etc as well as Netflix , nowtv and so on
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    Do note if you are replacing a 42 inch tv from a while back (I plan to soon, it is over 10 years old) then you need a 50 inch at least as they removed all the bezel.

    Also you need a soundbar because without a decent sized bezel the speakers suck.

    Your budget is ample unless you want something oddly specific.

    Get anything as smart tv's suck and you are better off adding an external box(dongle) for the smart element.
  • goodylee
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    i have been looking at a Samsung UE40MU6400
    Looks OK to me not sure if you would agree.

  • AndyPK
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    I would go for panasonic. Excellent picture. Simple remote control.

    Shouldn't need to spend more than £500 ! put the rest in the bank
  • getmore4less
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    What TV do you have now?
    does it still work?

    what do you watch.

    £800 is a good budget at this size it will get a good 55" which is the sweet spot for value this season(2017) sell off
  • [Deleted User]
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    However much of your budget you spend try and make sure it's got HDR support, the advice to use a chunk of it (£150 or so) for a soundbar is a good shout unless you already have a suitable one.

    The next level after your budget would be one of the OLED TV's but they start at around double your budget (and about three times mine :( )
  • getmore4less
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    HDR input support on a TV that can't display it?

    It is also not that simple with the multiple competing HDR formats

    If there is some support of any HDR input fine but no need to pay for it.

    For that size and budget a higher spec FHD set will probably be better than a UHD one.
  • RichardD1970
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    Another vote for Richersounds, I got this one from there last year,


    Paid a bit more than that, but hey, that's how these things go :cry:

    The actual physical size is smaller than my old 50" plasma.

    Excellent picture, sound not too bad (although I have a full 6.1 surround system already) and a 6 year warranty.

    For your budget there is ample choice (maybe too much?) so discussing your requirements with someone knowledgeable, like the Richersounds staff, is a good idea.
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    goodylee wrote: »
    i have been looking at a Samsung UE40MU6400
    Looks OK to me not sure if you would agree.

    I agree, for the current price of around £425 its a bargain.also the Samsung MU6410 was more or less the same quality screen for slightly less.
    At the time I was researching a new TV last year those two models were number 1 and 2 in Kagoos top 100 in that price range.
    Alongside the 6400 model I saw on display was a £700 Samsung which appeared to have the same quality screen. They were all 4k 50 inch screens
    You would have to shell out another £800 + to beat the picture quality with the Oleds from LG and the QLED s from Samsung
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