3 cancellations in a row and 2 airlines - how does the claims process work?

We've just had our 3rd flight cancelled - argh. Apparently all due to exceptional circumstances so we will only be able to claim expenses but it is getting a bit complicated.

1st flight with Ryanair cancelled 1h before departure at 7.30am; rebooked for 8pm with eurowings - expense travel to and from airport, parking, new flight - I guess to reclaim from ryanair
2nd flight 8pm - cancelled 1 hour before departure after we travelled to the airport again - so travel and parking expenses; rebooked for today
3rd flight cancelled 1h before departure - again travel to and from airport; re-booked on a flight tomorrow

So do we claim the replacement flight and initial travel costs from ryanair (even though the actual replacement flight never took off) and then all the travel expenses backwards and forwards to the airport for non-departing flights from eurowings (obviously the second/third flight were paid by Ryanair compensation - at least in theory) ?

I am having a headache just thinking about the paperwork.


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    oh I forgot to ask if anyone has experience with claiming for travel expenses when using own car. I was planning on claiming 45p/mile which is a standard business mile but just wanted to check how you argue this with the airline.
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    Sounds like you have had a horrid few days.

    I do not believe you can claim for travel back and forth to the airport. It has obviously been frustrating for you but I do not see a claim here for mileage/parking. One to perhaps chalk up to experience.

    Airlines have to offer a Duty of Care so that would include things like meals and drinks at appropriate times and accommodation if delayed overnight. There is also a provision for a couple of telephone calls or messages to let someone know what is going on. The <Care> does not extend to the extras you are suggesting claiming for.
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    Thanks Westin...that is disappointing...especially because they always left it till 1h before take off to cancel, so always after travelling to the airport... in your experience would travel insurance or credit card company (that we paid the flights with) maybe reimburse? Just petrol and parking has left us about £100 out of pocket...nevermind the fact that we were supposed to fly 4 days ago...
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    Assume this was the mess at Stansted over the weekend? Unfortunate weather issues creating a fueling issue and knock on delays and cancellation.

    I do admire your persistence with three flights. That has to be a record and shows some determination to get away.

    There is no S75 responsibility on a credit card to cover your consequential losses on the travel to and from the airport.

    I would check your travel insurance but I honestly doubt you would have something quite so specific in terms of cover. Some have delay coverage over 12 or 24 hours but I have never seen one paying out much for such a delay. My annual one is a paltry £20 for a 12hrs delay and £40 for 24hrs.

    I think this might just become an excellent dinner party conversation even though you are out of pocket.
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