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Apologies if I’ve missed an Aer Lingus thread but I’ve searched and couldn’t find one. Sorry, it’s a long one!

I flew with Aer Lingus from Glasgow to Dublin and then due to land in Toronto at 1615 Friday 4 May. We were delayed on the plane on Dublin for an hour otherwise we probably would’ve been fine. When we got to Toronto we had to circle due to high winds and then they closed the airport due to a BA plane making an emergency landing. We diverted to Ottawa and landed there about 1800ish. They took 2 hours to decide if they were going to go back to Toronto or stay in Ottawa - the airport reopened and other diverted flights landed in Toronto. At 2020 we told we finally disembarked and we’re told on the plane we would find out about accommodation. At 2115 we were told what hotel we were saying at but as Aer Lingus didn’t operate out of Ottawa we weren’t given any vouchers and had to get our own travel to the hotel and food. There was no information re onward travel, only that if there was a flight it wouldn’t be till the following evening. We were told to contact Aer Lingus - only possible via phone which would’ve cost me £2 per minute.
I finally got to the hotel at 2215.
There was no contact to anyone from Aer Lingus and no one knew what was going on. I only had an 7 day holiday visiting my boyfriend so he drove the 5 hours to pick me up. At 0700 the next morning people still didn’t know what was going on; one girl had been told she’s be best getting the train to Toronto, another girl had been told that there would be a bus provided in the afternoon. I found out on my return that the plane eventually landed in Toronto on Saturday evening.
I lost one night at a $300 a night cottage and then lost half a day traveling there from Ottawa.

In addition, my luggage didn’t arrive. As there were no Aer Lingus staff I couldn’t report it and couldn’t get an overnight pack. I was told to call Aer Lingus. I contacted them at 0700 the next day (Sat) and was told they’d report it and contact me. I called them on Sunday afternoon to find it hadn’t been reported and I had to email them with all my details, which I did Sunday evening. I called them on Monday afternoon to find a report still hadn’t been raised but they had found it’ll my bag and it would be delivered by midnight. Stayed up till midnight - still no bag. Called Tuesday and fought to go through to supervisor - seemed to have lost my bag again but at least I got a report raised, including details of what accommodation I would be when. Wednesday my boyfriend called - my bag was going to be delivered to the hotel I’d just checked out of; they could change the delivery to my next address but it would have to go back to the airport and my take a couple of days. My bf has to leave work and go back to the town I had already left but he eventually got my bag. It was a new bag but they had broken the zip of one of the compartments. I had two days left of my holiday by the time I got my bag back.
I had to cancel my plans to go walking the weekend I arrived as I didn’t have suitable footwear. I lost 2 x 1/2 days shopping (which I find stressful at the best of times). I had a lot of high value items in my case and was worried they were lost.
All the costs I paid for - travel, food, clothes - I had to buy on my Clarity card which charges interest as soon as I use it.
I had no luggage for 5 days of 7 day holiday and effectively lost 2 days due to diversion and shopping.

I tried to complain at Toronto airport but was told there was no Aer Lingus staff to complain to and I need to do it online. There just seems to be a form to fill in and no details about claiming my expenses or compensation. I’m not sure what my travel insurance will cover but I need written details of the delays from my airline - which may be a struggle.
I wondered if anyone could advise me of what compensation I may be entitled to and where I should go for it? Should I try Aer Lingus and my insurance? Am I automatically entitled to anything or is it a case of fighting and trying to convince someone?
Sorry for the long post, thank you if you’ve read it all and thanks in advance for any help or advice.
Thanks Laura


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    Welcome. Nightmare!
    First step is to download Vauban's guide (google..) and read through.
    You may struggle with compensation under regulation 261/2004 as it would seem most of your delay/mispositioned arrival point was due to weather.
    However it could be argued that the initial delay (in Dublin?) may have created the delay in the first place.You will have to look carefully at the timings of your flights scheduled and actual and look at the aircraft movements in Toronto at your scheduled (not actual) arrival time.
    AL should be responsible for additional costs you incurred in travel, extra accommodation, clothing ( 5 days to return luggage is totally unacceptable)
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

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    Thanks JPears. That!!!8217;s a really useful guide. I may be able to argue that they failed in their duty of care as heydisnt have ground staff to look after us and could!!!8217;ve returned us to Toronto once the airport reopened.
    It doesn!!!8217;t look like I!!!8217;ve got any right to compensation for delayed baggage other than expenses but I will try and argue that hey caused me undue stress and disruption to my holiday.
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    There would be little point trying to argue over failed duty of care or undue stress, just send them receipts of your expenses (transport costs, meals, essentials you had to purchase as a result of the missing luggage, etc) and you should get that back. Consequential losses (such as lost accommodation) is for your travel insurance.
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