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    maitlah wrote: »
    I sold some perfume through Facebook yesterday, £10 that went straight into the bank :) I've also signed up to Swagbucks and have already earned a few through the daily to-do list.
    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any studies suitable for me on Prolific which I've also signed up for. Does anyone have any tips for actually becoming eligible for studies or is it just a case of continuing to plow through the prescreening questions?


    PA is very up and down. I had a couple of months where I was earning around £20 a week and then about six weeks without any surveys. Bear in mind that the busyness of the site depends on the academic year. If it is the holidays or the beginning of the semester you may well get less surveys.
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    Thank you Hermia and carbootcrazy, I'll stick with it until the end of the school year and see how it goes. Just need to remember to check regularly.

    No earning today but I didn't have much chance to do anything outside of work and this evening will be given to working out and cleaning the fridge. It is a glamorous life I lead :rotfl: . I hope everyone had a chance to get out in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it sunshine today. Fingers crossed for better weather and a more positive outlook tomorrow :grin:

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    I need some help making some extra cash this month as the car may need replacing !!!128580; or at least fixing. Poor hubby has been doing overtime and was looking forward to being able to book something nice to do for my birthday but hey ho.

    I have stuff for eBay car boot etc and will kick myself up the butt this weekend to get it on!
    I guess the debt overpaying needs to hold off again !!!128532;
    Make £10 a day Feb £ /£280
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    After taking another look at ebay, it seems I've had views on everything but not so many watchers, so that's sad..lol

    Still I'll see how it goes.

    Thanks for the info about survey sites, I'll a another look at those over the weekend.

    I'm struggling to make it past 8.30 in the evenings so not managing anything after work. :(
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    I'm in for £10 a day again. Didn't reach my target last month but my side business of selling to friends & on etsy is starting to bring in some money.

    £40 in the bank and waiting for another £50 to clear.
    Money made on etsy in April: £0
    Money made on ebay in April: £0
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    So sorry to hear that, shariann. I truly hope you'll turn the corner soon. Please come on here whenever you need to talk, or PM me if you want. Don't struggle to get through the black days on your own:kisses3:

    Take care x

    Thank you:A I do feel a bit better and have an appointment with my gp today. Think I will probably go back to work tomorrow as I feel the routine helps as does being around people. My brother has another scan today to see what is going on. Will get the results next Monday 14th so bit of a wait but hopefully some positive news.

    No more money made :(
    £10 a day April - £4/£300
    2014 £110.92 2015 £3732.30 2016 £1633.66 2017 £2991.70 2018 £3255.40
    Jan £105.50 Feb £80.47March £69.30
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    Hopefully it will be good news for you Shariann. Fingers crossed.

    My mam has been in hospita for the past few days with her COPD.

    Oxygen levels far too low and a chest infection. The hospital being brilliant and lots of different tests going on. She seems really bright in herself but my concern is the doctors will tell her she has to be on oxygen at home and she is very stubborn. Has said right from the early stages of copd that she will not go on oxygen. She used to be a carer and think she sees that as the beginning of the end. None of us seem to be able to persuede her otherwise. :(

    Its a real worry with my holiday being almost 2 weeks away.

    Anyway........been and done my Mrs Mop bit at her bungalow this morning so at least she wont get stressed at my dad when she comes home and the place is a pigsty.

    £20 Mrs Mop

    £10 argo shopandscan

    £5.70 tips

    £35.70 Total
    Make £10 a Day Feb .....£75.... March... £65......April...£90.....May £20.....June £35.......July £60
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    Completely out of control as usual and walking around like a zombie... the garden project is tipping me over the edge as I was already maxed out before that (plus baby not sleeping..).

    Anyway.... a couple of things to add:
    Bank interest £1.52
    MB £4.91

    Nearly at my first £50 :) Still waiting for lots of survey payouts to hit the bank and in the meantime am hurridly saving for cashout in June.
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    Evening all, apologies for my absence, been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. Please put me down for £500 for May Aesop. We're off away in a couple of week for 7 nights, so I'll be taking a complete break from money-making during that time.

    Totals from the last 3 days....

    Halifax Reward: £3.00
    Matched Betting: £149.08
    Total: £152.08
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    An extra 10% for We Buy Books this bank holiday weekend with the code: WBBM710

    I hope everyone gets time to enjoy the sunny weekend.
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