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We moved into a property that was being dealt with on probate. We had very little information from the seller on the property info form (we had a full building survey, septic tank survey etc), but utilities wise we really struggled to get info and it was only luck we found out our electric supplier through a smart meter that was plugged in so that solved that problem! It's oil so thank god we haven't had problems with gas suppliers.

It's on septic tank and the seller ticked 'don't know' for water company. Using the website we have been able to determine our supplier could be one of two or three companies as the general map area highlighted at least three! We have telephone each of them and none of them say they are responsible. Clearly we won't pay sewerage but our water is coming from somewhere. The fact the seller didn't know makes me think there hasn't been a bill paid for a while, and so far it's been a month and nothing has come through from anyone realising we are using water.

I realise it won't be a lot given we are on septic tank but I'd rather pay someone than have a huge bill at some point. There is no meter at the property.

What do I do? Shall I try and put a letter to each company so I have proof I've tried to find out who is responsible? I don't want to end up with a big bill.


  • I've tried there, we are on the border of three different companies, I've contacted them all and none of them say they supplier our water.
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    Do you know if you have a water meter? Could you still be on water rates?
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  • Do you know if you have a water meter? Could you still be on water rates?

    Definitely no meter. Property was empty for a year before we purchased it, but seller who was dealing with probate said water was never turned off but he didn't know who supplied it. We insisted on the septic tank being emptied and paid for an inspection of it and longer term all that needs sorting but we have no idea who supplies the water.
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    Have you asked the neighbours?
  • The only information we has from the solicitor and seller was "the property is not connected to mains drains".
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    Have you asked the neighbours?

    Our closest neighbours - a 75 year old farmer who in all honesty doesn't seem to know what day of week it is, let alone who supplies his water. The other property is empty and our other closest neighbour said they were unsure but would get back to us :o not having much luck!
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    Gosh I'm feeling bad now that I didn't have the septic tank checked when I moved here - I share one with next door. Anyway It's very odd that you can't find who supplies your water. Don't solicitor's searches normally provide this information? My last one did. Anyway I would document your approaches and when you eventually get a bill you can at least expect them to spread the money owing. In the meantime just put some cash to one side. But it does need to be sorted as should there be a problem which is the responsibility of the supplier, you need to know who to go to.
    Just a thought - in the Yorkshire Dales where I lived last, some properties were on a private water supply - such as a spring. But I suppose you would know if that was the case?
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    This might sound stupid but have you looked around for water manhole covers in your area. Sometimes they have the name on them who owns the access.
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  • Thanks, luckily we have started to put aside money allowing for the water supply. I've just contacted all the companies via email and Facebook with the property address so I can get something in writing, file it away and wait.

    Hopefully someone will come back with some sort of information!

    Unfortunately the searches didn't show up anything from the solicitors. They raised a query making sure the septic tank conformed to general binding rules which is why we ended up with a septic tank survey which we had to pay for, though the seller did pay for it to be emptied and we also got a substantial amount of money off the property as at some point it will need replacing (we will be completely.remodeling the house and intended to anyway but obviously didn't tell the seller that)!
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