Question re PIP and Eating and Drinking

Hello all, I'm filling in my son's PIP form and just wondered if anyone can answer this: it says on the descriptors 'needs prompting to take nutrition'; do they mean prompting for every mouthful and every sip or just some prompting?
My son can and does eat and drink unaided but needs to be told it's time to eat and sometimes needs to be reminded to keep eating whilst he's doing it. Drinking is similar; he needs drinks to be put in front of him but will usually drink it once it's there although some days will need reminding. If he's had a seizure or is especially tired he will need to be prompted frequently but those days are rare now (thankfully).
Can anyone advise? Not trying to fiddle the system or claim he has problems he doesn't but am trying to work out the number of points he may get and don't want to fill the form with unnecessary information that won't be relevant to the claim anyway :)
Many thanks in advance :)


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