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Hello everyone - this is both a question and recommendation thread. My daughter is a really awful loser of items - not only clothes, but also bags, gadgets, etc. In fact, last year she somehow managed to lose her PE bag which had her entire PE kit in it - something must be done about this. So what I did, was I ordered a few of these giant 1 inch name labels (ID tags) and sewed them onto the OUTSIDE clearly of all her PE kit and outside of her school bag (so immediately visible when wearing) - they have worked an absolute charm, so well she hasn't lost anything in the past year, and all for the very money-worth while of just buying a few of these giant 1 inch name tags - I recommend them very fully to parents with children of all ages! Out of interest, what are other methods of labelling do you find good? My daughter has just received a new phone for her birthday and I am not so sure how to label it - I was thinking a large name sticker on it maybe? What are your recommendations for labelling technological gadgets? Thank you.



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    Clarks used to do shoe labels - a quick google shows other brands are available. They worked quite well.

    Dymotape might be a good solution for gadgets.

    For clothes, I used to use my sewing machine for sewing in woven name labels, but eventually ordered a rubber stamp with our surname, and used this on everything except socks, which I accepted as a casualty of life. The name used to wash out after a while but it was not difficult to re-stamp.
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  • Sarah323
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    Anyone else?
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    I used a name stamp with our surname - it helps that it is not a common name, and there has been nobody else in the kids' schools with the same name. It's probably still in the back of a drawer somewhere. It was around £7 or £8 over twenty years ago, and lasted through three children, so it was definitely value for money.
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    I use stick on labels (the ones where you choose a background, font, little picture if you want one and can add a parent's phone number). They last at least a school year going through the wash so I'm happy with them and they are fine through the dishwasher too so they can be used on clothes, bags, shoes, lunch boxes, pencil cases etc. I like having my phone number on them - the kids know that if ever they get lost, they can take off a shoe and ask somebody to call me! The pictures are good for younger children.

    The only down side is that they can be peeled off if you put some effort in, so if something is stolen rather than lost, the thief can easily remove all traces of the name, but I suppose that's true of sew-in labels too. When I pass stuff down to the next child, I either peel off the label and replace it or simply stick a new one over the top and it stays put.
  • liviboy
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    We’re old school and use Cash’s woven name tapes:
  • Owain_Moneysaver
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    Sarah323 wrote: »
    My daughter has just received a new phone for her birthday and I am not so sure how to label it

    Laser engraving.

    £25 for phones

    Bear in mind that it may wreck the resale value if the engraving is too 'personal'
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    I was in fact searching about name labels and what a delight it was to come across your thread! Indeed both my sixteen year old son and fourteen year old daughter have had and still currently have the exact giant name labels you describe and I second how great they really are - like you I have sewed them onto the outside of PE kit, but I have also sewed them onto the outside of ALL school clothes including school shirts, trousers, jumpers, bags, coats, etc. and some home clothes such as pyjamas, etc. An excellent way for labelling all electronic goods I have found is to just stick a large name sticker directly onto the gadget - e.g. onto the back of the phone, on outside of laptop, etc - these stickers are also great for labelling books!
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    I am waiting for the next newbie post to tell us where we can buy these fantastic 1" labels from :cool:
  • Sarah323
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    @IAMMUMTOONE I personally never mentioned the shop (many shops sell them), just the size and great use of them... (no sponsoring at all just mention of how I useful I found them and what a blessing it would have been to have known about them earlier!)
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    I also vote for the sew in Cash’s name labels ( other fabric labels available) too as they can be unpicked & re-used several times over. Eco & money friendly!
    For bags etc. I use named keyrings. Lots of companies will do personalised ones with name & surname.
    Also have a name stamp for anything else...
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