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Cheery's country living adventure

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  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Afternoon chums :hello:

    Nothing to report, just trying to get myself into *work* mode (er, by posting on MSE :o :rotfl: ) after a shaky start this morning. Completely got out of bed the wrong side this morning, NO idea what happened - didn't wake up before the alarm as I usually do, so perhaps I was just jolted out of a particularly deep bit of the sleep cycle or something. Even a cafe trip didn't sort me out (although I did get rid of a few emails while I was there), and I actually went back to bed and slept for an hour before lunch, which is unheard of :eek:

    Still, I've had a tasty wholesome soup for lunch (made by Mr cheery), and a crumpet :D Chickens all seem happy in the sunshine (we've been worried about Beaky this week but she seems ok today, and has started being a nuisance again which is a good sign :rotfl: ) So now it's time to get on.

    I'm off tomorrow, and only have a four day week next week, and then I'm off for over a fortnight :eek: LOTS to do in that time (including sorting out my application for promotion - aarrgghh! Very scared of this, but it will go quite a long way towards meeting our mortgage goals... :D so well worth doing :D Whether I get it is of course another matter but I suppose you have to try! :rotfl: )

    Also got lots of other things to think about - which I am TRYING to save for tomorrow when I'm off :o

    Got a builder coming to quote in a fortnight (yes, a long way off - but they were actually cheerful and professional and made me a specific appointment, rather than saying they were busy for a year (!) or that they would turn up 'at some point'). Very much want to get on with the building work now - we 'stopped for Christmas' in November and NO progress has been made since then. That's two whole rooms out of action upstairs (that we've never been able to use), and a kitchen with a 'rubble feature' in the floor :rotfl:

    I want it gone, and am getting increasingly willing to pay good money to have it gone - especially now I know we can replenish savings pretty quickly with MB dosh :money:

    I also need to sort out getting our hay field cut - scything bloke hasn't got back to me to say if he can do the date he originally suggested, so I need to email/ring him again, and also I've found a number for another contractor (with a tractor) so I need to ring/email them too.

    And I need to investigate grants for dry stone walls :eek: Planning to fix most myself as they break, but one is next to a footpath and quite difficult to get at, and beyond my limited capabilities at the minute. The grant won't pay for all of it (about 75% I think) but worth applying for. Feel bad applying for a grant - it's my wall after all! :o But they're there to encourage people to preserve the character of the countryside etc (after all I suppose it would be cheaper to just stick a fence in and let the wall fall down...)

    Anyway, waffling now :o Impatient for mortgage overpayment letter to turn up so I can see the latest amount and apply for the refix! :rotfl:
  • themadvixthemadvix Forumite
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    Lots going on there Cheery! Don't feel bad about the grant - as you say, it's what it's there for and helps you in your role as steward of your bit of countryside. And because it's next to the footpath it probably takes more abuse than other bits of wall.
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Thanks :D

    Just popping in to report that I've applied for the mortgage re-fix :j :j Had a letter to say the overpayment from last week had gone through, and the balance is now just under £200,100 :money: So we've pressed the button to apply for a 5 year fix at 2.26% which we're very happy with at this point :money:

    Now just need to get on and overpay the damn thing to get rid of it :rotfl:

    In small MSE news, I saved myself £4 in parking earlier by parking further away and walking :money: Did then go out and spend £8.50 on lunch with a pal :rotfl: but we saved on buying an extra cuppa by popping in to her mum's house instead :rotfl: (that wasn't the reason we did it, honest!)

    Anyway, a nice day, and so much better than yesterday, when I was in SUCH a grump I had to take myself off to bed at 8.30pm because I was just sick of myself :eek: :o :rotfl: Did sleep pretty much all the way through til 7am though so I clearly needed it :o:o

    Not sure whether I ever reported, but July's matched betting dosh was £591 :money: and I'm now at £76 for August (and the FOOTBALL is back on :rotfl: I *never* thought I'd be excited about such a thing :rotfl: but it does make rather a difference in MB terms!).

    Up to £3069 in total as of today (although of course at this point about £1700 of that has been paid off the mortgage :money: )
  • KarmacatKarmacat Forumite
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    Omigod, you topped £3k with the matched betting! Congratulations (again) ... so impressive.
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  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Certainly did - I'm well pleased! :money: can't believe I didn't do it years ago :rotfl: but I just couldn't get over the whole betting thing :o and I was never willing to risk money before and didn't trust myself not to do anything wrong...

    But I'm in the right place for our now and it's all working out nicely :j

    Mind you, it is rather like having a second job sometimes... but a nice flexible one that I can take or leave so...
  • MoneyfordreamsMoneyfordreams Forumite
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    I really must ry this matched betting... I'm too scared I have an addictive personality and we'll end up owing thousands :o
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  • themadvixthemadvix Forumite
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    Great going on the MBing Cheery!

    Love the saving on the second cuppa :rotfl:
  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Damn it, just lost a big post!

    Anyway, I was saying... I really don't want to put you off Moneyfordreams but as you mentioned having an addictive personality... just be aware that I now have accounts with 60 or 70 betting shops or casinos :eek: Only you know if that will be an issue for you.

    If you follow eg the Team Profit guides to the letter it's impossible to lose money. People do though - mostly because they're rushing and not following instructions properly, or they"ve started casino offers before they really understand them and have tried to chase their losses. O ly you know if that would be you.

    I'd certainly not describe it as an 'easy' option - took me weeks to read everything and get my head round it properly to feel comfortable (and I still read a lot of instructions). I'd say I probably spend 1-3 hours a day on it and so far have made between £550 and £850 a month.

    For me, it"s the perfect side gig - flexible, no commitment, no boss, can ignore when I'm busy. But I'm organized and methodical, and not remotely inclined towards gambling. Only you know if it will suit you :) xx
  • lindezlindez Forumite
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    Congratulations Cheery on sorting your mortgage out and the MB is great I may take a little look at it myself. I managed to today to sort my mortgage out what a palaver it was nearly two hours on the phone just got to wait for the paperwork now. xx
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  • Cheery_DaffCheery_Daff Forumite
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    Well done on sorting our your mortgage lindez! :j :j Although 2 hours on the phone :eek: VERY glad I was able to do mine online this time :eek: That's one of the reasons we just went with the same people - couldn't face endless repeating of details over the phone :o:o

    Gosh, we're having a tremendous downpour right now :eek: It's been lovely all morning but is decidedly unlovely out there now :eek: Very pleased we brought the washing in ten mins ago - it's been so blowy that it had all dried within a couple of hours thank goodness :j Would gladly take twice as much rain if it keeps it off the poor people in Whaley Bridge :( :eek: We quite often pop up there for a cuppa at the weekend so this all feels quite close to home (although it's not particularly *close* if you see what I mean). Fingers crossed for them anyway.

    Not much to report. I'm now up to having rung SIXTEEN builders trying to get someone to come out and quote :eek: Couple have said they're busy til next year, several I've just had to leave messages, couple of others have no answerphone. Two have agreed to come and quote 'at some point' and will ring me when they're in the area (I suspect never), and ONE actually had a professional office worker and arranged a time (two weeks in advance) - an actual TIME (not just 'some point on Thursday) - to come and quote.

    Holding high hopes for them - if they do turn up they'll be literally the only ones :eek: Don't tell them that though! :rotfl:

    We have decided to make a start on some 'easy' minor decorating elsewhere in the house :eek: Only decided this morning, then while Mr Cheery was waiting for some endless computer-related nonsense to whirr round earlier he started moving bookshelves, and then started stripping wallpaper :eek:

    It looks much better already :D It was quite a dark pink heavily textured wallpaper so anything would look better really :rotfl: One bit will need a top coat of plaster, but is only about 2 square foot. Other than that, it's just filling a couple of screw holes, stripping the rest of the paper (which just peels off - I did a bit that came off right up one side of the wall, all the way across the ceiling, and then back down the other side in one go :rotfl: ).

    I'll strip the rest of the paper tonight I think, then we just need to dig the filler out (or acquire some more tomorrow), and choose a paint colour :j :j

    Bathroom is next on the list, but that's a bit of a bigger job as the whole thing is vile brown flowery tiles painted over with green emulsion :eek: So even if we strip the paint off, we're faced with either re-painting, or stripping the tiles off and replacing them, either with more tiles or with cladding or something :eek:

    But it's looking like we might get the hallway done before I even get a single builder to quote for the kitchen so I do at last feel like some progress is being made :j

    Right, best get on with some work I suppose. Today is dragging some what - or rather it's *ME* who is dragging somewhat... :o :rotfl:
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