Cheery's country living adventure

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    Cheery, I do agree that it's often easier to get more done with a companion, especially one who doesn't take many breaks! Listening to you makes me very glad that our flat didn't need much doing when we moved here, and that our little patch of communal outside space is looked after by a gardener!

    I suppose you probably are a responsible adult now, although I still think of you as young :)

    We went to a 'picnic proms' yesterday evening, amateur orchestra but fairly good, and it was certainly chilly long before we left. Fortunately, we had lots of blankets between us (went with friends) so were comfortable enough (sadly, no damson gin though).
    It's not difficult!
    'Wander' - to walk or move in a leisurely manner.
    'Wonder' - to feel curious.
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