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17 Daughter moving out

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  • Is there any reason that you cannot get a job in the U.K. and have them live with you?
  • CarpeDi3m wrote: »
    thanks will give it a try.

    neglect - just another mother living of her children and not taking care of them

    With a father who isn't taking care of them either.

    Such a shame.
  • pearl123pearl123 Forumite
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    CarpeDi3m wrote: »
    My 17 year old daughter wants to move out as she can't live personally with the mother anymore (neglect). I am currently working abroad and I live 90 miles away from the children.
    What option does my daughter have and where could she get some advice from?

    Can she not come and stay with you? Or perhaps a relative?
    What a sad situation.
  • With a father who isn't taking care of them either.

    Such a shame.

    Wow super advice.

    I am currently paying 2700 (Mortgage, CMS and Travle cost) a month to see me kids and I have on top 40h travel to see my children.

    I assume you are a stay home mother, too?
  • jackomdjjackomdj Forumite
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    You say you live 90m away, so I assume you have a permanent UK address, could your Daughter move into your UK property?
  • BAFEBAFE Forumite
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    I'm a bit puzzled as to how a 17 year old is suffering from neglect. Surely at 17 she is self-sufficient?????

    Can you tell us a bit more about the neglect please?
  • RubikRubik Forumite
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    If there a number of children living with the Mother, and neglect is an issue, it won't just be the 17 year old who is being neglected.
    If mum is failing in her parental duties and care, then it is down to you to provide a home for all the children and look after them.
  • peter12345678910peter12345678910 Forumite
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    So you are stuck as an outsider and want to explore options:

    The most obvious is for her to see a gp, check her emotional health there are drugs to help with depression and counseling.

    Is the mother the ex. ?

    Not sure what neglect means to a 17 year old as she is no baby?

    Has she plans for further education than she would be found a place by the university?

    Can she not come to you?

    There is for 16 year to 30.
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  • ArriusArrius Forumite
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    I would have her come live with me. I don't know about your work situation but a 17-year-old with no income cannot survive a month by herself.
    Safety being the primary concern, no matter what happened with the ex, you should try to find a way for her to stay with you until she can at least graduate from a university and get a decent job.
    I have a 3-year-old daughter myself and I am very sensitive when it comes to family matters such as this, no child should be homeless or live in unsavory conditions when she has a family that is alive and well.
    Are all her grandparents dead or are there no relatives that can take care of her for the time being?
  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    Guys - the OP posted this back in March and last logged in at the end of that month. Either the situation has been resolved somehow or the OP isn't logging on to look at any updates.
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