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I don't know which board to use

completely new to posting here and not sure where to start, I've joined to ask for help with my budgeting. Due to generally not being as fit as I used to be I'm hoping to retire within 8 years, the only debt I have is a mortgage and a small amount of savings. I really want to pay off the mortgage before I retire.
Over last year though I seem to have gone from saving £500 a month to losing £100 a month and no idea why, I stopped smoking and got a better mortgage deal so savings should be going up.
I'd like help with my budgeting, expenses, where to save and where I can make, and how to get better mortgage and others, but which board do I post on please?


  • Hi and welcome ph10 :)

    Try the Debt- Free Wannabe board:-

    Fred - Where's your get up and go?

    Barney - It just got up and went.

    Carpe diem
  • ph10ph10 Forumite
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    would that be better than mortgage free wannabe? as I don't have any debts except mortgage and want to be posting in the right place to get right replies, my savings depleting is worrying me
  • Either or?

    I thought if you would like help with budgeting, expenses, where to make savings / increase your savings etc, you can post a statement of affairs on the DFW board and there are some helpful people on there.

    Or keep a Mortgage Free Wannabe diary?

    There is also a 'How Much have you Saved' forum :-

    Which would you like to focus on?


    f&w :)
    Fred - Where's your get up and go?

    Barney - It just got up and went.

    Carpe diem
  • MisslayedMisslayed Forumite, Senior Ambassador
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    Mortgage free wannabe has lots of very helpful and knowledgeable people who will help you to see where you can make savings so you can put extra money into your mortgage. Good luck!
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  • ph10ph10 Forumite
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    thanks both I'm going to start on debtfree wannabe for help with budgeting and seeing where it's going wrong, then maybe a diary on mortgage free wannabe
  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    ph10 wrote: »
    completely new to posting here and not sure where to start,


    You clearly confirmed that you had read and understood the basics of board use and forum choice as part of your signup - so this question should only very rarely arise and certainly never with a DFW situation as it is very clearly covered already.
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