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    Morning all

    Bright and cold here but it is lovely to see the sun. No rushing off anywhere this morning for me. Nothing planned today just some housework and I need to decide what we are having for dinner tonight. We know how to live!

    I am thinking about getting in a few extra supplies in just in case we do get some snow next week. Need to make a list.

    I too am thinking about Holly H. Hope she is ok.

    Well hugs and spoons all round. I hope the Spring comes soon to cheer us all up. Have a good day and keep warm.

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    CRANKY40 wrote: »
    If his appointment is 8:10 he should be done by 8:30. Ask the blonde one to drop Diva off a the doctors instead of your house maybe?
    Think thats going to be the plan of action and hope the surgery isnt running late as it means leaving the pushchair out in the pram park.

    I want to eat cake. :( Lots of it.
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    Morning all,

    DGS has just gone so I have the rest of the day to myself.DH and I are going out tonight with friends to mark his 65th birthday.He was thrilled with his kindle and I loaded a few books onto it.I have Amaz on prime so I can borrow up to 10 books at a time for free so adding him as a family member means he can read them too.We tend to like the same kind of book anyway,crime,thrillers etc though I read much faster than him.If hes reading in bed he tends to drop off :rotfl:We'll have a family celebration tomorrow when the DGC are back,we always have to have a cake and candles with them.

    Jackie and Scarlet Ribbons - I think you seem to get years like this with several bereavments coming soon after each other,we certainly have done in the past.Sorry to hear about them and hope there are no more for a long time.


    Thinking of Holly here too. I can't figure out why if they thought she would self harm the powers that be told her that something she didn't agree to was going to happen then thought it was a good idea to leave her alone for 24 hours to mull it over. If she really had been as bad as they said, that action could have been the tipping point I would have thought. Very careless and uncaring on their part.


    That was what I thought too. Very badly handled on behalf of Hollys MH team.Sending her love and warm wishes and hope its a better hospital stay than the last scary one xxx

    Right I'd better tidy up all the colouring books and games now in case we have any visitors later.DH was hoping to have today off for his birthday but they need to finish this extension asap,as they have another to start on 1st March.After the 2nd half of last year when work was hard to come by at least this year is shaping up better.No retirement for him just yet!

    Que sera sera Speky :)

    Happy Friday folks x
    :heartsmil 'A woman is like a teabag: You never know her strength until you drop her in hot water'. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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    Morning everyone,

    Kept checking yesterday’s thread for any signs of HH but nothing so I think the idiots must have got their way:mad: - it seems that common sense is in short supply:mad: I really hope HH is OK.

    DH has been tidying upstairs as carpet chap is coming to measure upstairs floors in each room - the spare room carpet will be fitted first & then the landing & stairs (once DH has taken up carpet & tried to sort out creaky floor) - he has just arrived & chatting to DH whilst measuring up. Here about 20 minutes.

    BHF collection of Rag bags & Books & CDs has been booked for next month, free council collection of broken furniture booked & waiting for a date from cs re cabinet hopefully next week.

    :j Potentially lots of space :j

    Rest of today’s plans are quick visit to P.O. then baking/cooking, more decluttering & cleaning.
    What an interesting life:D

    Have a good day everybody.

    Be Kind. Stay Safe. Break the Chain. Save Lives.

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    LaineyT wrote: »

    Gers we went through something similar with our Mum, she was worried about walking to the loo so hardly drunk at all, we got her a frame to make her feel more stable but think you have said your Mum already has one?

    My car ended up costing me £178 for two new front tyres (snap Gers, early birthday pressies?) one was out of shape, possibly caused by hitting a pot hole. Oh well, done now and am sure much safer.

    Have a good day folks x

    As my DM ‘collapses’ when she stands too long or turns too quickly she’s worried that if she drops awkwardly she’ll land on the frame potentially causing more severe injuries than if she just lands on a heap! We’ve discussed this endlessly to no avail. She is more confident doing things her way and I’ll just have to accept it whatever the outcome.

    Fourth new tyre fitted, bank account emptied!

    Now DM wants to sell her car. It’s been parked outside all winter without moving for the second year running. She’s come round to the idea of getting rid of it and saving herself a bundle of money. Since the last MOT she’s driven approx 30 miles (Sept 17). It’s a 61 plate with under 6,000 miles on the clock. My dealer advised me to do an online valuation which came up with £3.5k. I think her cleaner’s sister is interested. Hopefully one last thing to worry about soon.

    Just had a call from my electricity supplier - the data reading company reported that they did a failed call on Wednesday. Funny that, I was only out for two hours first thing and then had my front door open all day. Apparently the bloke left a card through my door...I don’t have an opening in my front door to push a card through :rotfl:

    Hope you can work things out Judi.

    Now my attention is going to be towards a new book.
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    Popped back on hopeful of further news on HOLLY but still nothing. I really hope she is ok. I realise though she may not be allowed access to her phone etc. Hope she knows we are all thinking of her. I have the same opinion as others about the psychiatrist in question. Mind you after the experience I had with the psychiatrist for the elderly who saw my mum nothing should surprise me.

    It's the lull before the storm here. The DGDs to pick up in less than an hour! The big Pasta Bake is sitting in the kitchen ready to pop in the oven for tea. I have made enough to give a portion to DD's bf for his tea when he takes the girls down home.

    I sympathise JUDI. Your life isn't your own when you start looking after DGC is it! I have had 13 years of it! Our plans have to be fit around childminding duties whenever possible!

    Enjoy rest of the day folks and take care xx
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    Afternoon all, sorry for my tardiness but in my defence M'lud, I have been busy :rotfl:.
    I was hoping to see a post from Holly too, but I hope she is ok wherever she is. I would however, put in a formal complaint if I were her brother, as to the appalling way she has been treated.
    Anyway this morning we had to visit a large DIY store for a few things and I picked up some paint swatches. Most of our rooms need a new coat of paint but we will wait till after the windows go in, for which I am in no hurry at present. Having the windows changed when it's soooooo cold is not my idea of fun :eek:.
    This afternoon I have tidied the under stairs cloakroom, in the hope of shifting some of Mr Fix It's shoes and coats. Didn't think it through as I should have waited till he had gone up the shed, so now most of the above have gone back in :mad:. I have 3 pairs of shoes he has 8, I have 3 coats he has 6 and 3 fleeces. Most of mine are in the wardrobe and some more of his :eek:. I blame the female hormone treatment he's having, as he was never bothered about his clothes before. Still if it prolongs his life we just have to suck it up.
    I have also hovered downstairs, then the hall ( all 4ft of it :rotfl:) and up the stairs, filled the DW and put it on, bleached the sinks and cleaned down the kitchen. I also watched Mr Fix It fall up the garden steps, in slow motion it seemed. He's ok, luckily he wasn't carrying anything sharp, just didn't listen when I told him to do his laces up first :(.
    Tea tonight will be HM sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice followed by peaches and ice cream if we have room ;)
    JackieO sorry that you have had another berevement. Unfortunately cancer doesn't care who it gets in it's claws.
    Speky Perhaps your family were very sad to see the little one go to S Korea, I think I would, if it were my family.
    Poppy Ohhhhh! baby cuddles :j.Doesn't get any better than that :D.
    ScarlettR sorry that you have also had another funeral to attend.
    Gers I was also going to suggest a commode. My mum had one as she had a downstairs bathroom, but I could never get her to have a stair lift :(
    Judi could Divas Mum take an hour off so you can go with your son. It is very difficult to give 100% attention at the Drs when you have a little one with you.
    Righty ho, enough waffling, I'd better go and make a start on my sauce for tea. (But I think a coffee is in order first :D.)
    Hugs to all
    nan xx
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
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    Evening all,

    Jackie O sorry to hear of your loss xx

    Still thinking of Holly and hoping she is ok xx

    Someone posted something online the other day about ordering cards online, I think it may have been TA, but I cant find the post now, just wondering what website it was as I need to buy some.

    Have good evenings all xx
  • TravellingAbuelaTravellingAbuela Forumite
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    REDRUBY - yes t'was I and the company is Whistlefish. They have a vast selection of cards for any occasion. I have had them before and they are good quality cards - https://www.whistlefish.com/greeting-cards/
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • redrubyredruby Forumite
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    REDRUBY - yes t'was I and the company is Whistlefish. They have a vast selection of cards for any occasion. I have had them before and they are good quality cards - https://www.whistlefish.com/greeting-cards/

    Thank you ! off to have a look xx
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