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    Judi wrote: »
    I dont know anyone with babies unfortunately but i'm going to have to work something out. Either that or let one of my 'kids' down.

    If his appointment is 8:10 he should be done by 8:30. Ask the blonde one to drop Diva off a the doctors instead of your house maybe?
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    CRANKY40 wrote: »
    A commode might be a good idea Gers. Just in case.

    She will not have one in the house. The Zimmer frame lies on top of the wardrobe and the kitchen wheelie tray holds her bedroom TV. Very stubborn and independent. I can understand her not wanting such contraptions around but still worry about her. If we can agree on something which works for her and is safe then I’m happy.

    It’s more important that she drinks enough to help overcome the collapses caused by low blood pressure.

    I’m still lounging around being unproductive. I’ve set myself an internal alarm clock to properly start my day any 8.30am. I stayed awake quite late last night finishing a book.

    Jackie - it’s awful when contemporaries are dying around you. My DM said that she feels like her solid ground of friends and family has gone and she’s almost an island now.
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    Morning All,

    I've been trying to catch up as I couldn't make it on yesterday. Worried about HH, I hope she's ok.

    And the reason I couldn't make it yesterday was I spent most of my day commuting to and from Manchester. 4 hours drive, each way, which is fine - flies in when listening to a good podcast.

    The interview went ok. Just ok. I went in full of confidence and looking forward to it. It lasted 2 hours and by the end, it got quite gruelling, so I left feeling a bit downhearted. Which is fine by me because if I don't get the job, then it's no biggie and I wasn't feeling to sure about how the interview went, and if I do, it's a big shock and I'll pop a bottle to celebrate. Not getting my hopes up in anything in life is fine by me.

    Not sure when I'll hear back, but i know they're looking to hire ASAP, and I am 1 of 4 candidates vying for the position. I'll keep you posted.

    Yesterday also marked the day that my step-brother, his wife and thier daughter left for South Korea with a one way ticket in their hand. I seemed to be on the only one in the family who was actually excited for them, going on a new adventure. Everyone else is in tears!

    I went to bed last night around 8.30, knackered. Not sure if tonight will be much the same or not.

    HH - Hope you're ok!
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    Morning this frosty day!

    Had a late night last now so tired this morning!

    Treating myself to a caramel late to give me a sugar and caffeine buzz!

    1 day of work till the weekend. Then it's more frosty walks
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  • Morning all
    Chilly and the white stuff is forecast for monday
    Not much happening am off to lakeside to get some birthday cards n little pressies
    Have a great day n stay warm x
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    Morning everyone,

    Hard frost today and the temperature has certainly dropped, they are talking about feels like temps of -6/7 for the daytime next week so am going to pop to pet store to get little dog a warmer coat, she does feel the cold.
    I am meeting my DSIL for lunch today and we are going to have a look around the CS’s for books as are both big readers, looking forward to it.

    Like others am guessing that Holly has gone into hospital, let’s hope that the decision turns out to be for the best and they can help.

    Gers we went through something similar with our Mum, she was worried about walking to the loo so hardly drunk at all, we got her a frame to make her feel more stable but think you have said your Mum already has one?
    My car ended up costing me £178 for two new front tyres (snap Gers, early birthday pressies?) one was out of shape, possibly caused by hitting a pot hole. Oh well, done now and am sure much safer.

    Have a good day folks x
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    Morning ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) if you need one.

    Worried we have not heard from HH, it looks very much as though she has been made to go into hospital, I think the way the whole thing has been handled is very wrong. I just hope that she gets the care she needs, although to be honest with that uncaring psychiatrist looking after her I have my doubts.

    Its a very Brrrr morning, heavy frost again. I put the screen protector on the car yesterday so the windscreen should be ok. I can use the heat to defrost the mirrors if they need it. Will be off in about an hour. I am fearful of what we might find when we get to my friends, she was in a great deal of pain. I know her neighbour across the road will keep an eye on her.

    Usual fish and chips when we get home with the creme caramel for dessert.
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    Morning chums :wave:

    So sad not to see Holly opening our thread at 4am :( really hope she can get access to a phone or the internet at some point today so we can hear that she is OK.

    Jackie sorry you have lost your friend you really are having a tough start to the year :(

    by eck its parky this morning...hands nearly stuck to the bin this morning dragging it out :eek:

    Friday so no work on and a continued house blitz on the cards. Not much needed downstairs i am managing to keep on top of that so will continue the mission upstairs. Room of doom is looking far better already but still quite a lot to do in there.

    Last night dinner was freezer stock sausage casserole with mash :) Today will be either a curry or some pizza and garlic bread... my version of a Friday Takeaway :)

    Hope everyone has a good day especially our Holly
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    So sorry Jackie to hear more sad news.
    Today is a housework and shopping day as DS1 and family are coming for the weekend. They naturally want to meet DS2 new baby girl who is just 6 weeks old. We were going out to lunch on Sunday but we are loathe to spend the money so my sons are going to cook a big brunch on Sunday morning. They have said they will buy cook and clear up. My one son is a head chef and used to having a kitchen porter to do the clearing, whats the betting I will be washing the kitchen floor when they have all gone? Still it will be lovely to have a houseful of Family.
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    Hi everyone, so sorry for your loss Jackie.

    It's my DD's birthday - 35 where do the years go to. We're at hers because DH is doing some work in their flat and I didn't want her to be alone on her birthday while her DH is in India. Turns out she's going for a meal tonight with 12 friends so we'll be left to amuse ourselves (can't be bothered to go get a rolleyes emoji).

    Never mind, we'll be going for a nice lunch tomorrow and then taking Ziggypup home with us because it's press week on the magazine dd works for so she'll be working longer hours.

    I had to drive across London yesterday which I hate, other drivers are so rude and impatient. I got the finger from someone yesterday because I refused to jam my car into the back of a bus so he could squeeze through a gap! Turned out there was room anyway.
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