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Decided today to ditch BT as I'm fed up with their endless price hikes and decided on Vodafone as the alterrnative as it's less than half the price. My question is simply this. As BT hiked the price of their service I decided to leave yet they still want to charge me a penalty as I'm within contract. Can they do this..? because if they can it seems to me that they can just raise their prices willy nilly as and when they please and not allow their customers to say no to them and leave as a result without being penalised.

Maybe I'm missing something but it seems that BT are holding all the cards here and the rules of contract are skewed in their favour.. Can someone clarify please..?


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    You are missing the fact that a contract holds both sides to conditions

    You are bound by the minimum period you agreed, and the penalty they want to enforce if you want out early

    Price rises are allowed - and you could have left scot free when the price rise was communicated to you last year

    Too late now, so you either pay the price increase or pay the early termination fee to go to Voda
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    As already stated , the price rise by BT was announced quite some time ago, and they have to offer the option to reject the price rise and move to another provider but it has to be within a specified period of time ( 30 days ) if you do not ask to be allowed to move to another provider within that time frame , you are deemed to have accepted the price increase, so if you decide to move provider after those 30 days have expired , then you are liable for early termination charges if you are within still within a minimum term, in other words ,if the price rise hacked you off, you should have moved as soon as you were officially advised of it, not 2-3 months after the notification
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    you only have 30 days from price rise notification to be able to leave free of charge
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