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6 year old pcn county claim form received

Sorry for starting a new thread, please don't slate me. I have been reading the advice here all weekend and I am still lost and panicking.

Basically, as registered keeper of a vehicle I no longer own, I received a pcn in 2012 for an alleged contravention (parking without displaying a valid ticket) on 28/01/2012. At the time, I believed that the driver on that day purchased a ticket but did not enter the full reg number. The pcn included photos of the car entering and leaving the car park.

Back in 2012, I read the available advice and I believe that I did nothing (I say this because I think I started writing an appeal to Excel Parking Services and then decided better of it). I received the expected chain of letters including those from debt collection companies which came in flurries over the years. I have since sold the car and last year we moved house. During that process I shredded all of the correspondence thinking that we were approaching the six year mark and having not received anything recent.

In October 2017 I received another letter at my new address and was surprised they had my new details. I now realise that letter was a LBC (it is headed Letter of Claim) but being busy with moving into a new house and heavily pregnant, I didn't look into it properly and I just ignored it the same as all previous correspondence. I now realise that was a mistake.

This week I received the Claim form dated 26/01/2018. It includes the Particulars of Claim and the original 'debt' of £90 is now £262.80 as it includes initial legal costs, court fees and legal rep costs. It is signed by Claimants Legal Representative - BW Legal Services Limited.

I don't know what I should do now. I feel like an idiot for missing the LBC and getting rid of all my previous correspondence. I am no longer even sure that as registered keeper I had a defense from the start. I really don't want to end up in court. I am reading the forums at night while feeding a new baby and getting very anxious about it all. I understand that I only have a short amount of time to respond to the county claim form and that it is too late now to respond to the original LBC. Do I go ahead with the AOS? Do I have reasonable grounds to defend this? Please help!


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