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Primera Air Advance Cancellation - my rights



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    It's worth having a read of the link in post 5
    It seems that there is a delay in the aircraft orders so schedules are affected
    Have a check on their website on what flights and dates are still operating and if any of them fit your plans (assuming they can accommodate the numbers)
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    Smith6536 wrote: »
    Has anyone got a good contact number of where we can get some clarity and advice on our situation.

    Again, I called the UK number that's on their website this morning and got through to an agent very quickly. Try it again, it's not a dead number.

    Hindsight is everything of course but this case shows the potential downside of booking from an airline that doesn't have a large network or alliance partners to draw on when cancellations happen. Prices may be cheaper but options are limited if something goes wrong.
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    As the original poster i thought it would be useful to provide an update.

    Primera Air emailed back. They have reduced the frequency of flights. Therefore for my cancelled flight back on 28th they offered to put me on an alternative Primera flight. E.g. 27th or 29th. The other option was to reroute with them on 28th to Stansted with an offer to cover the cost back to Birmingham.

    I was upset to loose a day of my trip so I suggested an alternative. I asked to move my outbound flight from 12 August to the flight on 10 August. Then I asked for the flight back to be on 27th.

    This was accepted within 15 minutes of emailing and I have had the new confirmation pdf. To be fair they have sorted this out and I now have an extra days. I originally wanted the Friday not Sunday flight but it was more expensive so this has actually worked out all the better for me with no additional charge. Good luck to everyone affected but wanted to suggest to people they can also ask for changes to original flight day if needed.
  • They cancelled you BIRMINGHAM flight see code BHX.

    They don't operate from Manchester!
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    Smith6536 wrote: »
    Our group have had our inividual flights cancelled from Birmingham to Boston for July 2018. Also Primera have cancelled our return flights from Newark and Boston in August (Booked Separately ) No reason given !
    Looks like they have abandoned their plans for the route launch
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    Poor bookings for Birmingham - Boston it seems Boston flights from
    Birmingham Airport Scrapped by Primera Air

    It would still appear that Primera won’t actually have enough aircraft delivered to operate their original intended schedule. So I guess if you don’t have the aircraft you pull the weakest routes and it seems Birmingham has suffered.

    You can’t say they haven’t advertised... the campaign has been pretty good. Wonder what the Free Radio competition winners will do? Tickets to see Sam Smith in Boston flying Primera Air from Birmingham. Bit of egg on face if they’re gonna have to put them in a taxi to Stansted!
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    Does anyone have any information regarding what I am likely to be offered? My flight from Stansted to New York in May has been cancelled.
    No idea why. Can't telephone them to find out any more information & have been told I just have to wait for them to contact me:(.
  • Just to give this an update as this thread is clearly high up the priority in search engines.
    • I had a flight cancelled from Boston to STN last week and e-mailed irregularity
    • No reply so I phoned in the morning and after about 20 minutes got through. They said they would nudge irregularity
    • Irregularity were useless again so I tried calling yesterday and after 1hr gave up
    • I called again between 9 and 10 and got through after 20 minutes. Rescheduled on to the next flight within two minutes of the call and with a confirmation e-mail
    • I could be wrong but I believe you are only told of a queue position after you are 5 or less. I would suggest calling in the morning and seeing if you can get in the queu in 20 mins. 3 x 20 minute bursts to see if you get in the queue seems more efficient than 1hr waiting

    Don't know what irregularity people do all day but the telephone help was really good when you get through. I would recommend taking the next scheduled one from Primera if you can, although I appreciate travel plans are usually made back to back with other plans.

    Hope this helps
  • As mentioned, it looks as if Primera have now cancelled a load of Stansted flights. We are going to our sons wedding in the middle of October so obviously still want to fly. Emailed irregularity but after a week have had no response. Tried the UK phone number this morning (10.30) and got through after about 20 mins wait. Was assured that we would be rerouted but they are working through in date order and we will have to wait a little longer. Will update with the outcome.
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    What date are you due to fly?
    Have you been given offocial notice that your flight is cancelled?
    I would be inclined to be looking at making your own travel arrangements/re-routing and pass the expense on to Primera.
    If you're new. read The FAQ and Vauban's Guide

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