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  • SpekySquarehead
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    Good morning everyone,

    Firstly, Lainey, sorry for your loss. Hope you're doing ok today. And Dumpling, I hope you're feeling more positive today too.

    Yesterday was a long day, again. Gym in the morning followed by work and then working at our Burns Supper too. Didn't get to my bed till 12.30am, only for the alarm to go off 5 hours later for the gym again!

    So, I've forced myself up and to the gym this morning again. Feeling a bit more human now but I can't wait for my bed. Had to say no to doing something with the boys tonight as I'm desperate to catch up, on everything; washing, cleaning, sleep etc.

    No plans this weekend as it stands, and happy for it to remain that way for the time being too!

    AoD - It's a lovely morning in Glasgow. No clouds. and a lovely fade of orange into blue. But it is cold mind you.
    topsyturphy - Deary me!!! I hope you're ok. I hope you're able to get around ok with not too much discomfort.
    Gers - As someone from Airdrie, you're not missing much in Hamilton, I can assure you of that! I hope it all goes ok today. Good luck.
  • Hard_Up_Hester
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    Morning all

    Thanks for the thread nmlc and hugs to all those in need.

    It's freezing here this morning, man may have discovered fire, but my man cannot get the fire to stay in overnight, or light it for that matter.
    Still it's going now so we will soon be warm.

    I've nearly finished a glittery circular crochet waistcoat for one f the dgd's, I've just found a tutorial for amigurumi, so I'll try that next.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Hugs Hester
    Chin up, Titus out.
  • Nelski
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    Good morning lovelies

    Topsyturvy poor you hope there isnt any more damage
    Lainey hope the big move goes well today

    Gorgeous day here today blue sky and sunny :) 2 lots of washing done and DW finished so need to empty that then some cleaning. Nothing much else planned so I can crack on and get the house sorted ready for some decluttering this weekend.

    Had chilli wraps last night. little bit left so ill have that again tonight maybe with a jacket or a few chips.

    Right best crack on with my exciting day :cool:

    Have a good one everyone :A
  • karcher
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    Day 11 of this virus and I am having a relapse unfortunately.

    Not much else to say for myself as I haven't left the house or my bed for what seems like ages.

    Take care all x
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  • System
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    karcher wrote: »
    Day 11 of this virus and I am having a relapse unfortunately.

    Not much else to say for myself as I haven't left the house or my bed for what seems like ages.

    Take care all x

    Oh no Karcher sorry to hear of your relapse. Be kind to yourself.

    LaineyT still thinking of you in your loss and i hope all goes well today.

    Dumpling hope your feeling better too.

    Thinking of my eldest Son today who is having tests on his liver to see if he has damaged it and Youngest who is having a tough time at work. A second year apprentice comes with some responsibility...

    Gearing myself up for the weekend. I have my Granchildren overnight on Saturday, then theres shopping and hopefully, Grump will be fixing my radiators. 4 of the TRV's are not working. Two are stuck on the highest temperature and two wont switch on at all. New valves were bought ages ago but just shoved in a box under the sink.:mad:

    Onwards and forwards,

    have a great day all.
  • Morning, ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) if you need one.

    Slightly better day yesterday we managed up in the morning with just a slight dizzy, back for his siesta and then up for his supper, he did report nausea during the evening, just put his chair back and waited for it to go off.

    Moaning this morning that he is tired, 'kept waking up in the night' funny if he is awake he disturbs me, he certainly did not, I woke a couple of times and he was fast asleep.

    Once again I have advertised the small TV someone asked for it and has not got back to me, so I am going to offer it to Emmaus. I just cannot be bothered with freecycle any more. If I ask for something and am gifted it, I go and collect it as soon as I can, and am always grateful. Some people have no manners..........arrghhhh

    Supper tonight will be fish and chips, no trifle taken last night, it must be eaten up by tomorrow at the latest, ao I may well have a bowl at lunchtime.

    Its a dull morning, we had rain yesterday afternoon, forecast sun after lunch..hmm we will see.
  • System
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    Supper tonight will be fish and chips, no trifle taken last night, it must be eaten up by tomorrow at the latest, ao I may well have a bowl at lunchtime.
    Well why not. i have to admit to polishing off a whole cheesecake over a 24 hour period yesterday. i really didnt want to keep it any longer and Youngest didnt want any and it was nice..:D

    I'm regretting it now though, i swear ive put on a stone and a half. Will have to cut back on my food consumption over the next few days to make up for it.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Good Morning chums and what a grey looking day it is at the moment very misty and damp.I have to go for my second shop of the month today then off to history club this afternoon. Just about finished all the left over bits from christmas which has helped the budget no end I am hoping for a fairly small spend this morning as its only fruit,veg and essential things I have run out of that I need.I am out to dinner tomorrow night and Sunday so not much cooking required.Tonight I have got some nice cod from the freezer and some herby mash to accompany it and I'll have that with steamed veg.My freezer has definitely been my friend this month as I didn't realise how much stuff was still in there and keep finding things I had forgotten about :):):) I will get this blooming thing defrosted of its the last thing I do.(hopefully before Easter :):))

    Another month has vanished and it seems odd to think a month ago we were all recovering from Christmas Day. I have had some vouchers sent to me from two pub chains as its my birthday next month so two free dinners in february ,plus dobbies always send me a tea and scones voucher as well :):):) happy days another inexpensive month ahead (not really my DGS Jack is 18 so he will be due for a nice present ,but as is said every little helps :)
    Hope you all have a good day and keep warm and dry

    Cheers chums ,must fly, shopping calls

    JackieO xxx
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    I ended up with a really good night's sleep after waking up at six to go to the loo and going back to bed and then waking up at ten :o

    Managed to get a hair appointment for noon so looking forward to looking less eccentric as youngest dd is coming down for the weekend. She is spending tonight at her older sister's and husband and tomorrow with me. No idea how many people are coming for a meal or when so will try to fit in a quick trip to the shops and get a beef joint, green veg etc and maybe a few packs of quorn mince that can be kept in the freezer but is quick to cook.

    House is looking tidy but need to sort out my bedroom as all bits and bobs have been shoved in there.


    Glad DH is feeling a bit better even if he is moaning a bit ;)

    Not mentioning accidentally eating fish and chips on Wednesday evening :o

    Hugs to all
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    So far I have blitzed the bathroom and got bread dough rising for focaccia. And made a tiny little knitted babygro for a small bear.

    I'm just going to change our bedlinen and I just can't be bothered with the rest. Washing on the line as it is lovely sun here. Well cold sun but no rain wahey.
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