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I had a flight this weekend that was meant to leave at Amsterdam
9.05pm and arrive in the UK at 9.15pm.

We didn't board until 10.20pm and then sat on the tarmac for 2 hours until around 12.20am.

I couldn't remember the time we landed but we arrived at the car park at around 1.40am so my guess was 12.40am as it didn't feel like it was over an hour to queue for passport control (there was 7 people in front of us) and get the shuttle bus to the car park.

Easy jet claim that there is no compensation due as there was only a 2 hour 55 minutes delay.

Is there a way to find out the exact times for this flight to check their information is correct.


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    If you register for flightaware and put your flight details in it should show history back about 6 weeks.
    You would be better posting on the Easyjet thread
    What was the reason for the delay? (not all reasons qualify)
    If there were multiple reasons for airlines will argue that only the total time of the delay within control 'counts'
    You can also put your details through EUClaim or bottonline to see whether they show any compensation due
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    The delay was because they had to deice the plane and then wait for a new slot to land.

    It seems it was under the 3 hours by the 5 minutes stated so no claim is available.
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    The delay was because they had to deice the plane and then wait for a new slot to land.

    Even if it had been delayed 3 hours + those reasons would make it difficult to claim.
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