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MSE News: House prices climbed in October, says latest report



  • IveSeenTheLight
    IveSeenTheLight Forumite Posts: 13,322 Forumite
    Heyman wrote: »
    Anyone seen sarkin, Doctor Gloom, Brit1234 and Henry P Chester?

    They all posted on the first page of last month's thread, I'm a bit concerned that something terrible might have happened to them.

    they'll probably be back next month ;)
    What we've got here is....... failure to communicate.
    Some men you just can't reach.
  • ruggedtoast
    ruggedtoast Posts: 9,819 Forumite
    Totally agree, EVERYONE has a VI.

    Its Hobsobs Choice with shared ownership though. Prices go down and the unowned bit supposedly gets cheaper however you get proportionally poorer as your equity drains away, and the rent is never going to go any way other than up.
  • Batchy
    Batchy Forumite Posts: 1,632 Forumite
    does anyone think this thread has been played down by MSE... since they merged the threads!

    The halifax HPI -3.6% went to 35 pages

    since this one was changed to MSE news, house prices climbed in October, says latest report... it has been pretty much dumbed down.
    1) Get most competitive Lifetime Mortgage (Done)
    2) Make healthy savings, spend wisely (Doing)
    3) Ensure healthy pension fund - (Doing)
    4) Ensure house is nice, suitable, safe, and located - (Done)
    5) Keep everyone happy, healthy and entertained (Done, Doing, Going to do)
  • Really2
    Really2 Forumite Posts: 12,398 Forumite
    edited 4 November 2010 at 4:00PM
    Batchy wrote: »
    The halifax HPI -3.6% went to 35 pages

    TBF we were only on page 18 this time last month.(so just 3.6X as many post last month in the same space of time
    ) :)
  • Graham_Devon
    Graham_Devon Forumite Posts: 58,560
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    here it is and your right you did use it in a way to factor / cover why you thought prices would rise.

    I remembered you saying it but must admit I don't have a 100% photographc memory, hence why I said "I thought" and had loads of question marks to show my uncertanty "??????????"

    Thank You :)
  • FTBFun
    FTBFun Forumite Posts: 4,273 Forumite
    Oh dear. It looks like the celebrations might have been a bit premature.

    "The lender, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, said that the less volatile three-month on three-month comparison showed property values dropped by 1.2%."

    Chin up lads. It's good to see you putting a brave face on it though. :T

    Won't be much good for you though, of course, being a citizen of London.
  • IveSeenTheLight
    IveSeenTheLight Forumite Posts: 13,322 Forumite
    Thank You :)

    No problem.
    I take it you can see from my explanation I wasn't trying to twist to the absolute extreme.
    What we've got here is....... failure to communicate.
    Some men you just can't reach.
  • Blacklight
    Blacklight Forumite Posts: 1,565
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    There does seem to be a shortage of those people that posted in the -3.6% thread. I wonder if they all went out and bought a house after that.
  • System
    System Community Admin Posts: 178,029
    10,000 Posts Photogenic Name Dropper
    Community Admin
    Batchy wrote: »
    The halifax HPI -3.6% went to 35 pages

    34 of them are some lonely individual bumping it though.
  • nearlynew
    nearlynew Posts: 3,800 Forumite
    How can people argue for so long over spin and bullsh1t meaningless data?

    ..... I'm out.
    "The problem with quotes on the internet is that you never know whether they are genuine or not" -
    Albert Einstein
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