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    LameWolf wrote: »
    *Offers a supportive paw* You can do this, FBO; you've come so far, and done so well. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. And your OS friends will be thinking of you; just reach out and feel the love and support around you.

    Silver Oldie I cannot even begin to imagine; (((HUGS))) for you, my friend.

    Thanks LW I think I’m just running on empty at the moment. I’ve been living on adrenaline since starting the job last July. I had the lovely holiday to look forward to. Then my cousin’s suicide and the fact that we have no holiday is just getting me down. I know alcohol will make it all 100 times worse so I think I’m going to take some of my own drinks as all the rest of the family are likely to be drinking heavily.

    SO so sorry to hear of your loss. Even if it wasn’t recent. How horrible for your mother to have said that.
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    Mmmm. 26lb at 1/7/18. Oops:o
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    Thinking of you FBO, youve come a long way since those dark days...(((hugs)))
  • FBO come on honey you can do it we are all rooting for you <<hugs>>

    S/Oldie you poor love I am sending you good vibes as well bess you .I know you have a good few problems to cope with at the moment, and remembering can at times really hit hard along with other things.Have a 'Granny cuddle' as my grandchildren say when they are going through hard times

    I watched the Call the Midwife and both my DD and I were enthralled at the breech birth although we were wincing as well The silver 'trumpet brought a few memories back I was born in the East end and it is fairly well portrayed, although I went through my pregnacies in South Norwood/Croydon in the 1960s.

    No snow here in Kent although a good amount of rain and its very cold at the moment

    TA I would definitely investigate what your local council can do to help you both Especially as you have family locally .They should have a deptment that deals with disability and they will come and access you to see what they can do
    Even privately owned property, I had a lovely lass who came and managed to get me a rail erected for the steps down from my front door to the front path and it cost me nothing.The councils like to try and keep people in their own homes if they can.

    JackieO xx
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    TA - after my dad had the first of his lower leg amputations (later had to have the other leg off too - 12 weeks seriously ill in hospital in his late 60's with virtually no physio!) the council installed a stair lift on their straight, but very steep stairs, although mum was OK at the time and cared for him, somehow it was put in both their names and she was able to keep it when he died a few years later.

    She is now unable to walk at all without one for those wheeled walkers, but has been able to stay in her own home so far. A couple of years ago the occupational therapists organised an electrically operated chair which tilts, reclines etc and a bed that she can raise the head of the help her get up. (I think having the chair has been a bit of a mixed blessing as although it helps her in many ways it has stopped her using her own muscles and she now has a knee that just gives way beneath her and causes her to fall because of muscle wastage. :()
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