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This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning

Morning all

Pouring with rain here and it seems extra cold, we seem to have had non stop rain for weeks and weeks its set in for the day again.

Off to work for me, yesterday was so quiet we only took £58 the whole day people just don't want to come in the rain as its more of an outdoorsy type of place, it will probably be the same again today, we did get to leave a bit earlier yesterday though and probably today although I now owe some time :(

OK cooked breaded chicken last night with some chips and salad it was very tasty, not sure what he is doing tonight but there is a fridge full (after he went shopping) so we wont go hungry.

Wont be doing any housework tonight it can wait till my day off tomorrow, will just do the basic clean of the kitchen after dinner.

Thinking of Rosie dog and hoping she is ok xx

Have good days all xxx


  • TravellingAbuela
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    Thanks REDRUBY for starting. No rain here, thick frost and the left over snow iced over again. Today it's hit and miss whether we get more snow - it's forecast to come in from the west and fall on high ground. Oh that's us then again. How I long for a bit of warm sun.

    I'll try not to lose my waffle today, though you might all wish otherwise. I had a rubbish night (what's new) with the same worries crowding in. We really need to make a decision as to whether we are going to make this house more disabled friendly or move to something on one level which will be easier for Mr TA. Whichever we decide on there needs to be work done here as everywhere has been so neglected through illness. A new kitchen and some decorating is essential whether we stay or if we try to sell and I can't face the upheaval.

    It would make more sense to move I know but we would want to stay up here as both DD and DS live in the village. There lies the problem really as there is nothing suitable up here. Quite a few bungalows but those that are up for sale are just silly money. No council run bungalows for the elderly which would be ideal.

    Sorry for rambling on but I am trying to sort my mind out! Meanwhile today is in store and not a lot planned though I must strip our bed when Mr TA vacates it. No chance of it getting pegged out so it will be draped around upstairs again. I left an Aldi spatchcock chicken (another 50% off bargain from last week!) defrosting for lunch. Will prep the veg shortly. After all these years Mr TA has suddenly developed an obsession for carrots!! He's never been a veg fan (apart from a huge pile of mash) and has only eaten them because I insist on putting a small selection on his plate, so where this obsession has come from I don't know!

    Enough from me. Have a good day all if you can and ((HUGS)) for all in need/want of them. DUMPLING hope things improve for Becky and what a blow for you re Steve. AOD what a lovely treat you have in store. KARCHER how are you? LAINEY a gentle hug for Rosie. SILVER-OLDIE I don't think we have heard from you for a while, hope all is as well as it can be for you. CSARINA and NMLC I hope the health problems of your loved ones are improving. Take care all xxx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • Hollyharvey
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    Morning everyone

    Dumpling I’m sorry to hear about Steve.

    AOD That concert sounds great and something to look forward to after you have been so unwell.

    I’m glad that the first week of your DOH being retired went well snoozer it can be a major adjustment for both of you.

    This morning I want to give the bathroom a really good clean. Other than that I don’t plan on doing much again today. It is far too cold to go out anywhere unless I absolutely have to. At some point I shall just pop next door to my neighbour and make sure she is ok and see if she needs anything from the supermarket on Monday because I shall probably go out before she is up and about.

    Hugs to those who are poorly or caring for someone who is.

    Have a good day everyone whatever you are doing.
  • nmlc
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    Morning everyone

    redruby - thanks for starting us off x

    Hugs to those that want/need one x

    Happy birthday to those with a birthday x

    DH and myself both up, we've had a cuppas each and I've had my porridge, he's now running a bath, I'll get a shower once I'm finished on here.

    Really white and frosty here, but according to the forecast it's supposed to be a balmy 9 degrees tomorrow - not sure what's going on with our weather at the moment.

    Dinner last night was hot quiche, pizza, salad, skinny chips, coleslaw and some picky bits. Today lunch will be roast pork etc.

    Got replies to my texts and just kept my distance, although DS2 and I did go to visit at the hospital in the afternoon. Had text contact again in the afternoon and we're going this morning to do some moving of furniture etc as it's very likely discharge will happen tomorrow. I will just do what's necessary and keep my distance. It sounds horrible but I just feel like I'm done with being treated differently, so I'm done.

    Today will be a chill day after doing what's needed and lunch.

    Keep safe and well x

    nmlc x
  • ancientofdays
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    Morning everyone, and a cold, damp one here. We had snow yesterday and quite heavy but it melted. More is forecast today but only for a few hours and then it is meant to rain.

    Like TA, another night of poor sleep. I had a sleep yesterday afternoon so not too bad in terms of actual sleep achieved in 24 hours but a decent night makes me feel better, a nap is not the same. Also, I only ever manage a nap if I have been unwell. How I am going to manage at work is quite beyond me but I shall have to. Not for long though I'm reducing my hours in 3 week's time, down to 3 days and have informed OH that I shall retire very soon, I do not mean to do this very demanding job at the age of 67. He left the room without a word which is his way of processing news he is unkeen on. Though if he had said anything I might have pointed out that he has not worked for 19 years and I've put up and shut up all that time. We'll be even poorer, I imagine we shall manage. I can claim my state pension and it will be a tiny bit larger because I will have deferred it for about 6 years.

    Today I need to iron my work clothes and cook what appears to be half a pig but in reality is a slightly bigger than usual piece of pork. I don't eat a lot of pork but can manage a little bit with apple sauce (have run out of crab apple jelly* Oh Woe) and gravy. I have a nice big choice of veg too, plus roasties and I'll make stuffing if I can get my arris in gear.

    *my crab apple tree died, since then I have depended on a friend who works in the country and forages crabbies for me but did not make any this year.

    Hope everyone has as good a day as possible
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
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    Good morning all.

    Grey skies here, a bank of snow forecast and very chilly outside.

    Yesterday I did the tip run, collected a prescription, meandered round the small supermarket and then mostly dossed around the house.

    I rang a local blacksmith-type person as I need a fender for round the hearth. Sometimes, when I add more wood to the stove, embers fall out, bounce and land on the carpet. He’ll be able to make one to fit. I also phoned a local sparkie to repair the utility room pull cord light switch, left him a voicemail.

    Following the car collision I’ve still got pain in my right shoulder from, I suppose, the seat belt. As I have legal protection as part of my insurance the company are organising a medical examination. Rotating my shoulder is especially painful though it aches all the time.

    At last I sorted out a spare mobile phone for the car. My normal one is with O2 and the network coverage is not wonderful. When driving up and down the A83 there are huge chunks without a signal. I bought a cheapy phone and got a £5.00 a month BT sim. It’ll now stay in the car permanently. One less worry gone.

    I’ve defrosted some lambs liver for later to have with mash and veg. Now it’s time to rise and shine.

    Happy Sunday.
  • CRANKY40
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    Good morning all,

    nmkc well done for taking care of yourself. Enough people love you for you to be sure it's them and not you......

    TA if you're selling then leave the kitchen. When I sold the big house with two rooms still in the same condition as when I bought the house (nine rooms were completed and the hall stairs and landing with four flights of stairs) the estate agent told me that it doesn't matter what you do to try and improve your chances of selling. As soon as people walk through the door they have their own idea of what they will do to the house. I replaced the kitchen here after 2 years.

    aod I hope you feel better soon. This flu virus is nasty, even the milder version which is what I had. I hope you feel better soon.

    It's raining again here. The cats whinged to go out then came racing back in after two minutes. They're now sitting as close to the radiator as is physically possible. On Friday I cleaned downstairs, and yesterday I decluttered the shelves in the corner (I now have one empty shelf) and same in the bookcase. Everything is now away tidy or back where it actually belongs. Today will be my bedroom (which is tidy but needs cleaning), the bathroom, ditto and the spare room which is also my craft room and which looks like someone has stirred it with a big stick. Roast dinner this evening and the HT is also very keen on carrots TA. It's the only veg that he eats that I don't have to hide.

    Take care all of you
  • whiteguineapig
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    Could you start to "get ready"??
    I have been sneakily and steadily getting rid of 'stuff" in the house for over a year now
    I have no idea what we are doing in the future, staying or going, but most of it will be down to me , so I am being ruthless, I started with the lofts and just keep going
  • ScarletRibbons
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    Good morning all. Thanks, Redruby.
    It's cold and frosty here, and we've still got some snow hanging about. The forecast is for more snow today, but temps are set to rise tomorrow.

    I didn't have too bad a night, by my standards. Mr SR has a cough which has been waking him, (and me) and he's horrified - he's used to sleeping 7 - 8 hours straight off. I can't remember when I last slept that long without waking, maybe when I was two.

    I sympathise with you TA, in your dilemma about whether to move. We are in a house that is now too big for us. As you say, bungalows are a frightening price, and the thought of moving is daunting. As well, we live near the centre of our small town, and can walk to to the supermarkets, the doctors, the main shopping street, it's so convenient. I don't know what the answer is. Sorry for chuntering, I've probably depressed you.

    AOD, you can't go on working forever, you've well and truly done your bit. I know that money is a factor, but you might find it easier to manage than you think. I hope it works out for you.

    Hope everyone has as good a day as they can, stay sahe and warm
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    Morning :wave:

    Raining again here we are forecast snow for later but hopefully wont stick.

    No plans today really going to have a good planner declutter.

    Made a banana loaf yesterday ..the Mary Berry one ....its ok but I think I prefer my usual recipe, it wont go to waste though ill give half to mum and snaffle the rest.

    No cooking today sadly as I really need to eat the stuff I am cooking ...yes I need lots for my 6 weeks off my feet but I think I also need to make some room for other planned meals. I have grabbed out some turkey slices, roast pots and veg from Christmas.

    Right off to watch Sunday Brunch with another tea and a boiled egg with dippy toast :) I do love a Sunday

    Have a great day all:A

    PS according to above programme its national hugging day today so please take one :)
  • Morning (((((((((( hugs)))))))))) if you need one.

    We were forecast frost and then snow, I woke cold at 5 am, read for an hour and then went back to sleep. Just had our usual Sunday brekkie, no sign of frost, but the sky is very grey.

    OH had reasonable day yesterday, got up after lunch and was up until 9.30..Will see how today goes.

    Roast lamb for super tonight, made a fruit jelly yesterday, so more of that for dessert.
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