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  • LaineyT
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    Morning everyone,

    Foggy and very cold here, in fact we have a few snow flurries coming down. The horses are staying in today as their paddocks are frozen so went over first thing to skip out and fill two huge haynets for my girlie, she is quite happy having a duvet day :)
    We had to take Rosie to the out of hours surgery last night, she obviously had started mithering at the lump whilst laying on her bed and next we knew she had made it bleed :( she now has the cone of shame on and some steroid cream to apply during the day. Hopefully that will keep her comfortable until the next visit on Wednesday.
    Not a lot planned for today, obviously need to get back over to see Lulu after lunch (have to say won't miss all this to and fro-ing, the new yard will do her at the weekends) and then there is a football match that DOH wants to watch later so will take the opportunity to take Tilly for a long walk. Food wise I have a smoked gammon joint to roast so that hot with something.

    TA ramble away m'dear, it's a hard decision for sure.
    AOD about time you slowed down a tad and had more time for you.
    Gers the fender sounds wonderful, I have one from the old range in my Gt Aunts pub, it says 'home sweet home' doesn't fit our current fireplace but I am loathed to part with it.

    Right, fancy another coffee and a hot cross bun, have a good day folks x
  • Gers
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    The snow has arrived here - hard, heavy and horizontal.

    It's the first snow I've seen fall here this winter even though if I drive 400 yards it's been laying thick.

    I'm in my jimjams still but have been at the back door throwing out pieces of apple and some peanuts for the birds. I'm not going out to collect the feeders.
  • morning all,
    had a good sleep but woke up with a dreadful cold & ear infection...
    I'm hard of hearing too so that's made me go a bit off balance and feeling rather worse for myself.

    I just did most of the washing up, there's still pots and pans to be done but at least our plates & dishes are restored :)

    load of washing on, i did it yesterday but forgot it was in there so re-washing it to make it smell fresh (opps)

    having a cup of coffee before shopping arrives at around 12

    it's still looking miserable and raining here but having a day in,
    the mr is still doing work bless him, it's a losing battle but he's passionate about getting at least half of the project working...
    The guys at his work aren't putting in much effort at all either.

    hugs and positive vibes for those who need it, seems like everyone is having a bit of a rough one.

    dinner last night was lemon & herd battered fish with potato waffles,
    it was going to be crinkle chips but i accidentally put them in on the wrong setting and burnt them... I usually don't cook ... that's why :rofl:
  • nannywindow
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    edited 21 January 2018 at 11:22AM
    Morning all
    It's pouring down with rain and it's apparently in for the day :(.
    It's my usual Sunday, Dad for lunch and tea and we're having roast chicken, potatoes and veg. Looking forward to next Sunday as DD has booked us a night in a swish hotel as part of our Xmas present. She's even paid for the evening meal and breakfast. Personally I can't wait, but Mr Fix It is more reserved.
    Mr Fix It has thrown the hoover around this morning, while I followed with the duster. After my coffee break, I am going to sort out the dry washing into ironing and non ironing. The pile looks huge in the basket at the moment :(.
    Hope everyone has a good Sunday.
    TA it's a dilemma alright. I have told Mr Fix It that our next move and our last, will be to a bungalow. I'm sure you will come to the right decision for you and Mr TA. Keep posting about this if you need a sounding board, as we "dailies" may be able to throw some ideas back at you.
    Hug bucket at the ready, please help yourselves.
    Enough waffling, I'm off to sort out my ironing basket. Take care all.
    PS Karcher has posted on another thread and is quite poorly at the moment.
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
  • The snow has arrived here too and is settling, despite it saying on my phone we are currently having sun!! Err where's this sun hiding as all I can see is grey sky and snow!
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • TA could you look at staying where you are if you put in a stair lift? You can rent rather than buy one. My friend round the corner had one in her house, it was taken out when she got her flat. Does the kitchen need refitting or could you get away with new cupboard fronts and maybe new work tops plus some decorating if it really needs doing?

    We have wet snow, the ground is wet so it is not really settling, glad I do not have to go out though.

    Discussions here this morning, I want to get an emergency fund of at least £8,000 in a separate joint savings account. We could also do with a new settee. the one I have is a bed settee I got from my quilting friend and is too heavy to move, I want an ordinary settee with castors so its easier to move.

    I would also like to rehome the dresser in the sitting room and replace it with a sideboard possibly. I see a big declutter coming on...........

    Planning to get someone to do most of the garden from March to the end of October. OH wants to try and keep the fruit and veg up if he can, we will see.
  • T/A I have a stair lift and its fantastic and great when i go up and down now. I live in an older property and the stairs were 44% when the chap cam to measure up, he said it was always the way with older places and the treads on my stairs are quite narrow as well So nice not to have to climb up and down on my hands and knees, and bump down on my rear end :)
    Well the weather here is cold wet and grey and not at all nice ,but fingers crossed we will have missed the snow (am whispering that just in case :))

    Out to DDs tonight for dinner and will make her an apple crumble as my donation to tonight's meal

    Had a nice night last night at my eldest's for dinner and sat and had a good chinwag with Margaret afterwards Then DGS Danny face-timed my son-in-law and we all got to chat to him in New York which was lovely as both his Grannies were there at the same time :)

    He is buzzing as a bonus this year he is getting a decent rise plus a 6 week sabbatical plus more shares in the company so he is a very happy chappy. His wife Hayley has started scrap-booking as she does a lot of photography in New York city where they live ,she also volunteers at a dog rescue place and walks the dogs in Central Park daily.

    They seem to be quite settled there.My DD was so pleased to chat to him, and her and my son-in-law are going out there next month for a week to see them, they had to cut short their break back in November when her Pa-in-law Frank was taken ill.

    Danny is trying to persuade Margaret and I to go out to visit him in October, but I said I would see :) I'm not keen on flying at all.

    Right time I got a wriggle on
    keep warm and dry chums and out of the snow if you can

    Cheers JackieO xxx
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    Snowing heavily here. Glad I didn’t venture out first thing. We have a very active Facebook group in the village who keep everyone updated, and apparently Glasgow is chaos. Not sure I’d even have made it home from Church and my meeting.

    Need to spend some time this afternoon trying to work out travel plans. My cousins funeral is on Friday in Edinburgh. I need to get to Truro, so it would make sense to travel on from there with the rest of my family who are flying up.

    It’s going to be a horrendous couple of days. DH isn’t certain he’s going to make it, and my sister needs some serious support as she’s feeling guilty. It will be my first major family emotional event since giving up drinking and I’m dreading it.

    Must get a wiggle on. DH will need a freezer full of food if I am away for a week.
    Goals - Weight loss 6/26lb at 22nd Jan 18
    Mmmm. 26lb at 1/7/18. Oops:o
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    TA have a look at this, it may help. Also, there may be advice available from your council and/or hospital OT team about making changes at home xx
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  • SILVER-OLDIE I don't think we have heard from you for a while, hope all is as well as it can be for you. x

    I've been reading along but have been feeling a bit down.
    My daughter died many years ago and it was the anniversary of her death a few days ago.
    If you walk at night no-one will see you cry.
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