MSE News: 'Switchable' smart meters delayed

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    It's not really news is it? Just the same old litany of failure.

    News would be if it was on time, within budget and all meters were campatible with it.
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    I do find it interesting though that, because it is all privatised, people seem to forget that we are all paying for this shambolic mess. This includes those of us who refuse to have one of these meters until they get themselves sorted & also those who will never be able to have one! As for those who have had a new meter after changing supplier because that one has gone dead, talk about chucking our money away!
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    Having had the misfortune in my past job to interact with some of the clowns responsible for this fiasco, it’s not really surprising. The concept itself was flawed from the get go*, the tech was built to lowest price with no regards to standards or as said up thread, zero regard to security.

    As to “some teenage hacker could use shears ” argument, that misses the point of scale and ease. Some scrote in the warmth of their bedroom can disable or mess with not just one house but thousands with no physical danger to themselves, and that’s mostly because of the pathetic low concern given to security when these were rolled out. A concern they became well aware of but ignored mostly at the behest of politicians.

    As it happens long term there are some neat things that could be done with smart meters but due to government incompetence those are likely to be pushed further back

    * the basic idea was literally as simple as you’d look at how much energy you were using and then switch things off, but what are you meant to do, switch the Sunday roast off or the shower , when you see they are using a lot of electricity ? Fact is we are all paying about £50 a year extra for this ludicrous scheme.
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