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MSE News: Major shake-up of Tesco Clubcard rewards scheme



  • matty_artmatty_art Forumite
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    That's a very good point ayayay, might be worth raising with them or asking Martin's view on it?
  • Kim_13Kim_13 Forumite
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    At least with this there are winners and losers. With the Sainsbury's change there were just losers, though they did give at least 6 months' notice if I recall rightly.

    Very strange that when they ended Clubcard Boost, they warned customers that the then upcoming event would be the final one; only to not give any notice of this change.
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    I and my wife started shopping at Tesco when they started their Reward Scheme very many years ago , we also got ourselves a Tesco Credit Card (an original Visa) and every thing we bought we bought from Tesco (if they sold it) including all our petrol.
    For years we maximised our points and spent ALL of the proceeds only on foreign holidays with Cosmos, visiting countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Marocco, Mexico and Kenya with Tesco Clubcard with their 4X value and an unlimited amount of points being allowed to be used on each holiday, with Tesco Clubcard contributing around £1000 to a £2000 holiday. (Martin would be proud of us!)
    At this time Tesco was the number one supermarket because of it's unique Loyalty Scheme, and doing VERY well from it.
    Fast forward several years and many Clubcard changes for the worse Tesco are now struggling having lost nearly all of it's loyal Clubcard customers base to Morrisons, Sainsbury, Aldi etc because a Loyalty scheme should work BOTH ways and Tesco have NOT and are NOT behaving in a loyal fashion to their loyal long term customers.
    NO notice (not even the email we should have got) and yet again LESS value, is that Loyalty to Customers?
    Well as far as we are concerned it is the last straw, this Loyalty Scheme is dead and joins the likes of Nectar etc which have never really been worth saving and we are now looking around for a replacement Credit Card (still an original Tesco Visa) that gives cash back instead.
    Tesco you have turned greedy and have lost sight of what made you number one back in the day, your Loyal Customers!:mad:
  • B_MB_M Forumite
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    On what I suppose is a selfish view, I hope Tesco re-think this and give all Tesco clubcard holders a 'window' to convert points under the old terms.
    Obviously, those that are going to benefit will hold back, but I and I suppose many who go for the 4 x value, will cash in.
    Clubcard points aren't that good anymore and I'm surprised a few loyalty schemes haven't been scrapped! I donate my M&S (Sparks) ones to charity. I'd do the same with Tesco now to be honest. I only use Nectar hoping for till-spits and bonus points. Now and again, a decent ebay offer and of course, doubling up.
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  • claireccclairecc Forumite
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    Shame they've stopped the double up on the Delivery Saver as well, can't recall even seeing anything about this, I'd got some vouchers waiting to change for this, sighhhh!. I contacted Tesco about it and they confirmed it to me, see below:-

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us at Tesco Clubcard and for bringing your enquiry around the changes to the Boost scheme and also the Delivery Saver option.
    Please accept my apologies that the option to double up your vouchers to help to pay for your online Delivery Saver has been removed and for not making you aware of this before this was actioned.
    Your vouchers can still be used to purchase the saver but now only at the face value that you would receive in store or online.
    I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.
    I hope that I have been able to help in some way on this occasion.
  • John_GrayJohn_Gray Forumite
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    There is more to these cuts than has been stated!
    I used to take advantage of a cheap offer for an annual subscription to a monthly Computer magazine - but it and a number of others are no longer available via Clubcard Rewards, and haven't been for the last six months, apparently.
  • YJ68YJ68 Forumite
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    We used to save our vouchers for Virgin Holidays when you could get 4 x the value. Then they devalued it to 3 x the value and at a reduced maximum amount of vouchers you could use, then they pulled Virgin Holidays as a partner with them. Boo!!

    We then looked at what other Holiday companies were on offer and we settled on Funway Holidays USA & Caribbean which gives you 3 x the value of your vouchers. So there we were saving up our vouchers to use them on a holiday later this year. I just happened to be looking on the Tesco website earlier this month and noticed a sentence on the Funway Holidays page saying we could only exchange our vouchers with this partner until 28th January. There was no email from Tesco warning us of this change, nor of any of the other changes that most have been talking about on the forum. It seems there are quite a few partners that you only have until 28th January in which to exchange your vouchers for that partner.

    Luckily we had already decided on the holiday we wanted and so went ahead and got the vouchers exchanged yesterday to 50% of the cost of the holiday (excluding taxes). We would have been very upset and annoyed had we come back after 28th January and realised the offer was no longer available!

    As with most people on here we no longer do our main shop from Tesco. Their prices have crept up and their loyalty scheme is no where near as good as it used to be. I'm happy that we managed to get another holiday at a reduced cost through Tesco but it looks like this will be the last time. They don't have any other holiday companies offering holidays that we are interested in.
  • millermiller Forumite
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    John_Gray wrote: »
    There is more to these cuts than has been stated!
    I used to take advantage of a cheap offer for an annual subscription to a monthly Computer magazine - but it and a number of others are no longer available via Clubcard Rewards, and haven't been for the last six months, apparently.

    If you are a member of your library you may be able to gain online access to several magazines for free. I've noticed a few computer magazines on there. Not all libraries offer it (facilities tend to vary by county). Zinio and Pressdisplay tend to be the platforms.
  • spenderdavespenderdave Forumite
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    I don't spend enough at Tesco to have enough for the reward schemes. and when I have looked most don't interest me anyway. I spend the little I get (c £5 per quarter) in store so not affected by these changes.
    I notice they are going to send vouchers by email from February rather than by post. Seeing I have not received the notification email for these changes I am not confident...
  • robpw2robpw2 Forumite
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    i am a club card customer i received no notification of the change and first i heard of it was people complaining .
    Whilst legally they may be able to vary the scheme surely they shouldn't have just sprung it on people

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