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I have a couple of digital films in an ultraviolet wallet.
I can access them and watch them via flixster on my iPhone and iPad but would like to be able to watch on my tv(s).
I have roku, amazon fire and an apple stick connected but none of them seem to have any useful apps. Also have a iPhone 6s, iPad and MS surface.
I thought chromecast might do it but it won't seem to play through it.

I want to get reasonable picture and sound quality.

There seem to be things that are only available in the US or have been dropped in the U.K.
Happy(ish) to buy more equipment if it will work.


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    Try VLC media player as you should be able to cast if it plays the format .
  • It s unds like , from everything I have heard , that ultraviolet is so wrapped up with DRM that it is almost impossible to play. Your best bet may be a minipc or Compute stick as that has the computing power to cope with the added DRM and has a piracy proof operating sysetm IE windows 10. Sometimes its just easier to ...."ArrrrrHHH Jim LAd" :A
  • I managed it by getting an android smart tv box then downloading the flixter app onto it. That seems to work (very brief test) - but flixster has been dropped in the states so I don't know how long it will last here.
    You can get them for about £25 from Amazon - I went for one at £46 because it had a review with someone successfully accessing ultraviolet.
    Next is to see if it works in Australia when I visit next month.
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