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    Wow - amazed to see a car go up in value!

    Also love a good spreadsheet :)
  • Gosh, it's been a month since I last posted. Life can change drastically in a month! I'll keep it short and sweet, being Listy Mc List Face, here goes...

    - I got offered a job relocation much closer to home but turned it down due to less money (OH still worked in same town so wouldn't have been any saving on petrol)
    - OH lost his job unfairly (difference in turned down job now would have been fine - too late)
    - He got paid last month, if he doesn't get paid a months notice we will be doing them for unfair dismissal
    - He has a job lined up which he starts in 2x months time, can choose his hours, full or part time.
    - He made his boss lots of money by selling his stock on ebsy so now he has practiced with somebody elses money he is ready to go it alone.
    - £700 spent on stock, ebsy shop started and £185 made back already in a week, much more to be listed
    - OH has used the words 'Elephant chunks' 3 times

    - £1500 in savings account now
    - Over £30,000 home equity achieved
    - Still got half the loan money, was going to pay this back but we're holding onto it for now
    - Spending lots on petrol - must get confident enough to drive myself to work!!

    - Outbuildings are now a stock room
    - Roof tiles fitted, tree removed from chimney, new (old) pepper pot, chimney re-pointed & eaves painted
    - Gorgeous bed purchased for £60
    - Dressing table, stool, bedside tables, mirror and lamps purchased for £42
    - Newel post & spindles purchased for £22

    That's the jist of it. Our new five year plan (from Nov17) of working for ourselves from home has started much sooner than we planned! By moving house and getting outbuildings we now have much greater chances of grabbing opportunities and starting a successful business. Here's hoping everything works out and OH needs to employ me soon ;)
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    Wow, such a lot going on for you but you seem to find the positives so well done!

    (We have 5 cars here and if we had an out building I'm sure it would be a lot more! OH is also convinced he has a couple of classics which will go up in value.)

    Off to read diary from the beginning.
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    Gosh Elephant, you have both had a lot to deal with in a short time, but it sounds like you've come out of it better than you went in. Are you looking for other work to get you closer to home?
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    Wow - what a lot has happened! However, you seem to have come through it with positivity - and the bonus of a new business! - and I guess that OH can work p/t as it builds?

    Hope all continues upwards! (other than the mtge balance! ;):D)
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    Thanks guys!

    Good luck with the cars Kate, it does happen and it really helps if they're old enough to be able to fix up yourself.

    I'm actually quite amazed how positive we have both been but the S**t has only wafted below the fan briefly and we are determined to not let it hit, we will come out of this smelling of roses! And the S**t will be on his ex-bosses face mwahaha.
    DH does have what has been offered as guaranteed work, full or part time, hours to suit but it doesn't start for another 2 months. They are paying for his training so we're quite positive it will happen.

    I have been looking for work closer to home, there is less around here than in the town we were in. I may be too fussy at the moment. Petrol at present is costing £75 a week. OMG thats at least £300 a month! I could drop salary by £6000 and still earn the same!!
    Wow, I'm off to look at the job sites - Onwards and Upwards!
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  • The past weekend we spent mostly hammering a floor! There were a few hints around the dining room edges that underneath the laminate was quarry tiles so we took the risk and pulled up the laminate. Fortunately the floor was coveed in beautiful original quarry tiles, unfortunately they were covered in screed. All screed has been hammered away now at the cost of much hammer power and the tiles are ready to be cleaned and sealed for a lovely cottagey feel.

    DH business going slow but steady. He's made enough to buy a bit more stock and a cheap trailer to save on van hire. I do wish that more than 1 in 10 people left ebsy feedback because I feel that would really help the many views to be converted to more sales. 'tis early days though so it's good so far.

    DH is always very encouraging in what I want to do but last week he requested that I do not apply for a new job at present because of the unstability it may cause. I totally agree. But... I got an email from a jobsite today with a job I'd like nearby so we discussed it and I have applied. This would save so much money on petrol and it's slightly more than my current salary so fingers crossed.
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    Where on earth do you get your drive and energy?
    Loved reading your diarywhich I hadn't spotted before. Feel inspired. Seen some bar stools at john Lewis that we want but we can get the number we need from two local(ish) eBay sellers at half the price!
    What are you selling in your eBay shop? I have sold some of my old stuff this month and made £200. Find it thrilling when I get a sale but I have run out of stuff to sell. My only unwanted things now are clothes which won't make anything on eBay. My sister often manages to make a bit of money on clothes but she knows about fashion and brands and things whilst i am clueless! I haven't any ideas on how to work out what I could buy that would sell on at a profit.
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    I've been lurking on the forums for some motivation.

    I've missed MSE and we are really struggling to save.

    It's been over a year so in short...
    + OH got his new job (which he loves) after 6 months, not the 2months we expected.
    - We spent the 2nd half of the loan money on servicing the loan and day to day living.
    - The job I went for (above) was not what I wanted. I was trained in accounts but I just didn't want to do office any more so I was seriously sarcastic in the interview as I didn't mean any of it - I didn't get it.
    + I applied for a job in the charity sector that I really wanted but didn't feel I was qualified or experienced for it at all but it was my dream job so I applied anyway. I proved I was capable and got it after an extended probation, lots of training and lots of stress. I am so lucky, I love it!! :D

    - No more DIY has been done
    - We are still saving money to get the house rewired so still no lights
    + The garden and flowers are beautiful
    + Our view is still a joy to wake up to every day
    + We now have a lodger (best friend) +£300 extra a month

    So I'm back. I'm going to try not to stress myself out too much with goals that if I don't hit get me down, but I currently don't know where our money is going each month so I need to start getting some of our old money saving habits back. When I do a budget it shows we should be saving enough for electrics (£3000) within 4 months. It's been 8 and we have £800.
    The positivity is still there and we both have never been happier with our home or our jobs. I guess we've had a lot going on and a lot of stress but we're the other side now so lets get saving properly.
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  • Looong day at work today so tea was beans on toast.. I'm keeping Weetabiks at work and bread & peanut butter so I had a NSD but not the healthiest. DH buys lunch with his tips so I count this as NSD for him too.

    So here's the short term plan...

    I get paid monthly so my wages have paid the monthly bills and loan. DH gets paid weekly, he has £80 left from last week so he will pay today's wages £330 into his bank tomorrow towards savings, leaving £30 for petrol & £50 for food etc. infact as we had a NSD today I'll take £5 out of food and add this to savings too £335 + £800 = £1135. Lets see how this works for now, if we pay it in we wont see money in the wallet and think we have it to spend. Back to basics and remembering how we used to save so well.

    Other than work, making beans on toast and watering our seedlings I've done nothing else as it's Pyjama Monday. Ooh our seedlings - DH, lodger & I planted our first seeds ever yesterday and are having a race. We planted them into pots in the greenhouse - mint, basil, basil lime, lavendar, strawberries, borage, cucumber, and lots of chilies. Roll on cocktail season then jam season :)
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    Electrics re-wire savings Oct 18 - March 2020 WE GOT ELECTRIC!
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