Victim of an internet crank Shantanu Panigrahi affecting job-hunting

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I'm one of hundreds (?) of victims of a determined, crazy or malevolent internet crank 'Dr' Shantanu Panigrahi. This is affecting my jobworthiness.

The post, sorry, may not fit properly in this forum but it was the closest I could find in MSE.

A week ago I was rejected for a senior administrative position, which job I thought there was a fair chance I could get. When I asked the HR receptionist I'd befriended for the reason, not that she was obliged to tell, I was informally told to check Google. Puzzled, I did and found to my horror my name appeared unfavourably in the crank website (As a new user I cannot post links but google for

In there it was implied I was a criminal. The truth is he emailed my section, in my current job vaguely connected to justice administration, asking me to do something which it is impossible to do. I was only polite to him, like everyone else is. Shortly after that he began calling me names and even I am told even trying to file a complaint against me with the cops and others. One nuisance call followed, but I had no idea all this was online.

From you can see this listing (I got this by email from one of the other aggrieved persons, this man has put all our email addresses, phone numbers etc on that blog) of persons who Shantanu Panigrahi is suing, considering or threatening to sue, calling for the police to arrest or filing official or other complaints about -
Estimated number of known victims, 230-250 per that website

A LISTING OF 250 VICTIMS (the collection may wrongly include a few, and a few others may be made-up names ---- it is not my work) HAS BEEN HIDDEN BY AN MSE ADMINISTRATOR, BUT IS AVAILABLE FROM ME BY PM

You are probably in disbelief but THIS IS NOT A HOAX. Check out and see for yourself. His 'reasons' for taking action against the above are to be found on some subpage of or link on them. It is usually some conspiracy theory rubbish. Most are just unlucky he pushed his way into their life.
'This list of people being sued or facing being sued by Dr Panigrahi must not be seen as complete or conclusive as it remains under constant review and is updated when new facts and convincing opinions emerge for which he invites contributory suggestions.' I checked 20 of these 230-250 with google and found that he was actually mentioning, insulting or threatening them on

At he calls the British a 'p!gsh!t people' and '[email protected]@rds'.

From the readers responses I saw other people have learned that complaining about his vicarious use of their name just means that complaint is insultingly added to his blog usually with a claim the complainant is part of a state conspiracy against him.

What I tried so far -
> Complaining to cops, met with a stone wall, 'civil matter, sir' even about the 'p!gsh!t people'.
> Citizen's Advice Bureau, no joy. - 'Sue'.
> Libel, too expensive, further he claims to have put everything in the wife's name including their jointly-owned property (house worth about £500,000).
> Harassment suit, may be possible but solicitor in free 15 mins not optimistic since he says no one would take this guy seriously, see his medical mental health record (also online on his site).
> Vexatious Litigant reporting, but this is up to a judge (?). He is attacking more than a half dozen sitting judges already.
>, it is a USA website and they don't act on or acknowledge complaints except under DMCA though his posting is against their ToS.
> Google to kill the link (may work yet)
Honestly, I am at my wit's end. His contact details are scattered all over but if you are thinking of emailing shanpanigrahi (at) yahoo dot co dot uk or posting there (he asks you to 'Leave a comment') I suggest to you, use an anonymizer or else he could start harassing you or your employer.

Any help or advice would help. T.U.


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