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* Rocking around the Christmas Tree * - It's the 2018 Christmas Chatter Thread

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  • TreasurequeenTreasurequeen Forumite
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    A warm Welcome to the thread Coxy and Thrice. I cashed in some cashback for a restaurant voucher from zeek to go with my parents main present. Only had to pay £9.50 towards the £20.00 voucher. I am doing them a hamper to go with it and I am buying a few food items with my food shop each week. Still got to get my brother, pets, stocking gifts and a gift for my grandad but am struggling as to what to get him. He doesn't need anything else for his garden and he hasn't got a hobby.

    I got a few hallmark Christmas cards in the sale online so now only need to get two special cards and then I am finished. Will need to get some boxed cards this year though as I haven't got many left from last year. Stamps have been bought for the cards that need posting.

    I am on the hunt for some traditional Christmas themed placemats and tea towels. I am going to make some Christmas cloth napkins and beaded napkin rings. Just got to find some fabric I actually like which will be hard as I am so indecisive.
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  • PeppapigPeppapig Forumite
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    Welcome to the thread COXY and THRICE and welcome back LINZ.

    Think DD1 and I might be going to a big Christmas fair in November which will be fun.

    Nothing really festive going on at the mo as it’s DH’s big birthday in a few weeks and I’m planning a big family dinner for him. Once that’s over it’ll be full steam ahead!
    It's the most wonderful timeof the year :
  • aljaalja Forumite
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    Hello Coxy, Thrice and Linz :)

    Yesterday I picked up a tiny notepad for my mum, I always get her some new stationery - I bought this for 50p in Wilk0. And then today I got a gigantic box of crafts for my friend's little boy from Mr T - this was just £3 on sale, it looks like it's worth so much more! So really pleased with that. Another person ticked off the list which is great.

    I'm going shopping tomorrow and hoping I'll find some more bits. I'm going to treat myself to some new Autumn clothes and maybe some homeware too I think...

    Has anyone spotted any Christmas wrapping paper in the stores yet? If so, where have you seen it? I've just seen the Matal4n online Christmas store so far but would love to pick some up tomorrow if I can.

    I spotted Christmas presents in Mr T today too! No prices on them yet, but some nice bits and bobs.

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend! :)
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  • StokieBecksStokieBecks Forumite
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    Sorry can't help with the wrapping paper I have a drawer full I picked up in the sale after last Christmas :rotfl: It is still quite early for a lot of shops to be displaying christmas ranges at the minute (early for them never too early for me)

    I picked up my Matalan order so that is a few more bits for gifts put away. Finished my friends with a tea selection set I think she will like. Got a couple of bits for other half too I have had to hide away. Also couldn't resist the Christmas Countdown chalkboard - just trying to work out when is a reasonable time to start counting dpwn :rotfl:

    When I went to pick up my Matalan order I picked up a tropical four in a row game for £1 - like connect four . That will go towards one of the family kids presents

    Still waiting on a few orders to arrive - including my non christmassy matress purchase. Gutted it isn't here already haha
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  • StokieBecksStokieBecks Forumite
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    Also just in case any of you use them the tesco giftcard website currently has 10% off ITunes vouchers. Pretty sure you would be safe to buy them now for Christmas if needed
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  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    The Card Factory have some cards and gift bags out already so they might have wrapping paper StokieBecks I have enough wrapping paper to last several years.

    Welcome all newbies.

    I do love Christmas but not sure how I feel about Xmas cards being in store in Aug, I wonder if shops do this so perhaps they don't need to rely on a peak in revenue in Nov so much. I guess it does also help people spread the cost of Christmas if they're not very good at putting money aside.
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  • carlislelasscarlislelass Forumite
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    2 parcels arrived this week so that's DS2 sorted
  • Linz4383Linz4383 Forumite
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    I love that the cards are in the shops! We often struggle with having 2 pushchairs making it's so much easier being able to get them now!
    I've also got loads of wrapping paper., but as well as the card shops the works has been gettin Xmas stuff in as well x
  • aljaalja Forumite
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    Thank you for the help! I really should have popped by card fact0ry today to see if they had any. I thought I had a stash (as I usually do) left over from sales, but I looked the other week and I don't have much at all...oops! Will definitely get a stash together again when the January sales are on :)

    Picked up 2 presents today, both for my dad. I got him some quite difficult looking puzzle books from The W0rks. He loves his Sudoku and is pretty clever, so I'm hoping he'll love these.

    I was successful with the clothes and homeware shopping too, which is great :)
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Morning all (just),
    Three family birthdays in September, so the last few days I've been buying bits for those. MIL is getting some earrings from Etsy (forget me nots in resin), plus some chocs. BIL has an echo dot (they are currently reduced to £35 from £50 but I had a £5 voucher for Arg0s, so £30), Nephew (11) is getting a meccano ferrari plus something else - maybe some sweeties.

    On the Christmas front I've sourced a cushion for DD's newly decorated room - again from Etsy. Nothing else this week.

    I've been putting some money away but the majority of Christmas will be paid for from my £2 savings pot and other shrapnel sealed pots, which I will open on 1st Nov. Hoping for £300 :)

    Have a good day all,
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