Rent your house out as a film location... official discussion



  • Thanks for this but what is your not sure how much to charge?
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    I was recently approached by the BBC to use outside shots of the front of my house and one scene inside the lounge. One of the main resons for contacting me is that I live on an unrestricted parking road and there are 2 x large trucks, 2 x 7.5 ton trucks, generator, luton van, film crew, actors cars etc etc. They need the house for half a day but their minimum rent is for one day at £500. The contract is tight insofar as current condition is thoroughly recorded (photographs etc) and damage clauses etc very specific. Money is up-front. Due to film end of this month will let you know how it goes!
  • I know some who rented their house out for the film about raves (unbeknown to the owner) and the film has a rave and bubble party , the aftermath was a a disastrous with everything soaking wet with detergent water,
    the film crews attitude was tough
    the booking company told the owner that they should have had a more airtight contract as if they were solicitors.
    Bart is mooning the Banks!

    Remember: Every good deed deserves punishment!
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  • I came across this website today and they are looking for new people to register their houses, could be a good way to make some extra cash
  • can you give me some info? i have a detached georgian house with later bits and contemporary addition, but a huge mortgage to match! I need to make it earn its way.
  • I don't think my house is interesting enough....
  • Hi does anyone know how much the average payment is for use of a property for TV / Film location work?

    We have a brand new large executive gated 4 bed property with 5 acres and I wondered what sort of payment is usual and if it's worth it for the disruption?

    Anyone done this or in the business that can help?

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    How do you get into that sort of thing? I have always wanted to be an extra and earn a bit of cash
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    meerustar wrote: »
    I think my house would only be good enough for a programme like Shameless ;):D

    Then phone them up ha
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    Does anyone know of any websites that target or cover the north west region, all the websites im finding seems to be specifically aimed for the south/London region? would of thought there would be more interest in the north now with BBC moving up this way.
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