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  • Seems like an interesting idea. I wonder what the money is like. I guess a typical suburb wouldn't be much use for them though, unless one of the inbetweeners moved towns.
  • I just received this email:

    Hello, I'm Peter Alan, photographer.

    Have you ever thought about renting your property to photographers and filmmakers?

    Fashion, film and advertising industries are always looking for different locations to shoot a scene. Who knows if they are looking for a location like yours right now?

    Submit your property at our list, it is free and it only takes 5 minutes.

    1 - Sign Up
    2 - Submit your property

    You may submit as many spots as you want, state the price and conditions.
    You will be notified whenever someone is interested in shooting at one of your properties.

    Peter Alan
    Locations to Shoot
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    I work for a charity who have a non-restrictive lease that allows us to rent out our shop for film and photography use. Please see the following link for more information. Show shop is based on the seafront in Hastings, East Sussex and there is parking close by. We are happy to clear the shop for film usage, if booking for more than two days.

    More images are available if required:

    There is also a cave at the back of the shop.
    :D Thanks to MSE, I am mortgage free!:D
  • In the search to supplement our income, using our house as a shoot location seems a good way to go. We have a 200sq m old stone house with a wow factor, located on the edge of a cliff, old stone with a lovely stone arch front entrance, and spectacular views. Particularly suitable for period drama I would think. I have gone through many of the links given here but is there a reason that no one seems to have houses in Greece? Spain, France, Italy even Turkey but haven't seen Greece?! I feel I need top find a company who has contacts with Greek TV companies etc... any ideas anyone?
  • AzimScot
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    Hapless wrote: »
    When a film company uses your home they strip all the furniture out if they need the interior and put their own in (recifying it afterwards of course). So whatever your decor is, it does not matter.
    Be aware of a couple of things..
    You cannot give permission if your home is rented, only your landlord can.
    If it is being used in a series, then there will be things that you will not be able to change between filming seasons.
    You may have to move out for a length of time, the cost of that will be in the allowance (usually fixed) that the company pays, you will not get "extra" for inconvenience.

    So basically they give you new furniture of there own spec interesting?
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    I used to work in the Art Department for a feature films and I would be VERY wary of renting my place out to a film crew unless I had a HUGE deposit. They do have a depressing tendency to trash the place as I know as I was always the one shouting at them to respect other people's property and then having to apologise to the owners and help sort out repairs afterwards.
    Only to be considered if you were planning to redecorate anyway. Don't leave anything you care about in the house.
    The Bill, I think it was, or maybe London's Burning, something like that anyway, did stick a note through my door a few years ago now, probably 8 or 9 I suppose, but I ignored it.
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    Film students from the University of Bradford are looking for a house to film a short film in.In the areas of Bradford and Huddersfield. The house needs to be fully furbished, and at least got a kitchen, living room, hallway and a bed room.
    We have a budget of around £100 and would only need to film for 3 days at most. Sometime between 18th March and 25th March. Please contact me on [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
  • Hi All! We are MA students from The University of Salford. We are looking for a house to film our short film in Manchester and Greater Manchester. The fee would be discussed privately, however, the budget is very limited.
    We are planning to film children's Birthday Party scene, so if you have young children the age of 7-8 years old, they are more than welcome to participate in the filming. :)
    Time schedule: 2-3 days in the period from 4th till 18th of April.
    Please contact [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] if you are interested in cooperation witu us.
    Many Thanks!
  • Does anyone know how to find out about renting out a Watermill in France. Would an English company be interested or would I have to try to find a company in France. It would make life a little difficult if I had to use my limited French but would be possible if necessary.
  • Sarahloc wrote: »
    I work in the film locations field - if any one has any queries or questions about how to go about getting their property on screen I'll try to assist!

    How can I go about it and what kind of house do they generly look for.
    I have a 3/4 bed semi, Through lounge open plan.
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