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  • hi was just wondering how do i register my house for this ??
  • Hapless_2
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    Ive turned my bedroom into an 80s room. It has all the usual old video player and videos, old computers, old posters, super mario stuff like a clock, old tv, reciord player etc is this the sort of tyhing that maybe a film company would like to use in a film that was based in the 80s? for example the wedding singer

    When a film company uses your home they strip all the furniture out if they need the interior and put their own in (recifying it afterwards of course). So whatever your decor is, it does not matter.
    Be aware of a couple of things..
    You cannot give permission if your home is rented, only your landlord can.
    If it is being used in a series, then there will be things that you will not be able to change between filming seasons.
    You may have to move out for a length of time, the cost of that will be in the allowance (usually fixed) that the company pays, you will not get "extra" for inconvenience.
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  • Sarahloc wrote: »
    I work in the film locations field - if any one has any queries or questions about how to go about getting their property on screen I'll try to assist!

    im a student do companies look for student flats and indivdual rooms as if so my whole flat would love to become one were in southampton.

  • Can you do this is you rent your house through the council?
  • Hapless_2
    Hapless_2 Posts: 2,619 Forumite
    sxybikeruk wrote: »
    Can you do this is you rent your house through the council?

    Only if you get written permission from the council first.
    The "Bloodlust" Clique - Morally equal to all. Member 10
    grocery challenge...Budget £420

    Wk 1 £27.10
    Wk 2 £78.06
    Wk 3 £163.06
    Wk 4
  • mexx_2
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    I own a field, only approached via a "restricted byway", but which was once the main highway - and is still maintained (if one could call it maintained!!!) by Council Highways Department - footpath which itself is registered as of historical interest. Field has ancient and genuine very wide stone walls which were built by peasants clearing the land of stones, sloping 1 acre with exceptional views.

    Also, have acre of natural woodland, protected by English Heritage, containing streams, stone gulleys channelling water which gushes from bank, and rare indigenuous plants. Wild, overgrown.

    And a property which in the main hasn't been touched since 1960's, with many original hand made features.

    Any ideas which company might be interested?
  • Beware,
    a friend rented out there house for film shoot for a faily well known film
    they held a 'rave' in the house
    the furniture was covered with soap bubbles,
    various characters smoked various substances in the house leaving a residual smell,
    the house was not cleaned properly,
    when challenged about this , they were told they should have written up a more binding contract.
    puts me off big time.
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    Was watching an old episode of "Inspector Wexford" the other day, on ITV3.

    Imagine my surprise when in one scene they were driving around my local trading estate!
  • I'm really interesed in registering my property as a location but all I can find is London based companies.

    Does anyone know any in the South Wales area?

    Thanks, x
  • Andy_N
    Andy_N Posts: 2 Newbie
    Hi guys

    New to the forum

    This is slightly off-topic but not totally. I'm actually looking for a fully furnished house to shoot a short film in. Anyone here have one they wouldn't mind a film crew in for 2 nights?
    Long shot I know, but I couldn't help asking when I saw this thread and I've been searching sites for a few weeks now. Got a few new ones from one of the above posts.

    Thanks all

    Andy N
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