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  • I am in the middle of starting up an ironing service but i am completely confused on which pricing policy is the best.

    Does anyone here charge per Kilo? Or do you think per item is better?
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    great idea, i would suggest concentrating on students and those who have just left university and are working.

    just put cards through the letter boxes, should be a cheap effective way of advertising

    an ironing service is definitly something i would pay for, if the items where collected and returned. Or perhaps done at the customers home (although that might be difficult)

    actually, i think thats probably the best bet, drive to customers homes with a good iron and board, do their ironing there for them, leave.

    id say charge per half hour, perhaps something like £10.

    to be honest it would probably be a better idea to do whole house cleaning but speciling in ironing, i would think there is a big market for weekly home duties (such as ironing, cleaning, ect.) could probably easily charge £30 for such a service.
  • Does everyone think £30 for ironing and cleaning is average? Would you for instance state that you would iron for 30 mins and the rest of the time period clean? I'm just wondering how you would advertise this. Also what if the house you cleaned at was a total mess and it took hours to do etc etc


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    The ironing service that we use charges £15 per black bin bag of washing, and they don't seem to mind how stuffed full it is. We think it's a bargain. :)
  • I would charge per item and do be careful if you are going to offer to iron bedding.

    My bedding is super kingsize and I have 100% cotton which is a pig to iron....I'm lucky, my aunt has a launderette and does a couple of hotels, so I use her roller on my bedding.

    May also be an idea to get the customer to confirm how many items thay are sending and do be prepared to get the grotty things that people don't like doing themselves.

    The steam generator irons are good.

    You may also need to inform your insurance company that you are now self employed and working from home.
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  • I don't have an ironing service so you may think my comments aren't particularly valid, but if I was a customer I would prefer to pay per item. If you are charging per hour people may think that you take longer per item just to get more money out of them.

    At least with charging per item they can also work out how much it is going to cost before they send it - there's nothing worse than going into something blind and not wanting to pick the items up because you're worried about the price it's going to cost you!

    Also - I can't think of anything worse than ironing bed sheets :eek: Well I can, and that's thinking that you want them ironed in the first place! :laugh:

    Lastly - good luck to everyone who's going for it, when I was a wee nipper I used to iron things for my mum for 50p per item and I used to rake it in! :rotfl:
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    anyone in the East yorkshire area up for cleaning/ironing to start in jan/feb?
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  • I have a 'small'' ironing business - I've turned customers away, when I could accomodate them, but this fits my life. I don't particularly like ironing bedding, so I charge accordingly. I figure if someone wants me to do it, they'll pay! I charge per item as I figure if it were I, I'd want to know what the bill would be. Because I live in a rural area I include collection and delivery and therefore have a minimum of £10 so that it is always worth my while.

    I'd check all items from new customers for damage prior to ironing and flag that up to them. When visiting new customers for the first time, I'd ask them how they liked their items returned - shirts hung or folded, trouses hung or folded and where they like their pleats. I also explain that whilst I use garment covers mine accomodate about 5 items - don't like to use more due to the environment and that if they'd like things hung to include the hangers. I used to provide them, but it got costly.

    To give you some idea I charge 85p for shirts/tops, £1.20 for skirts, trousers & dresses (half price for children's under 12 years), £2.40 for a double bed sheet (see I don't like them!), 50p per pillowcase etc etc

    Its not easy - particularly in the heat of the summer, when the phone goes mad, but it does suit some people. However DO register with the Inland Revenue within 3 months of starting or you'll face a £100 fine. You'll have to submit tax returns, but if your turnover is less than £15,000 then they are quite simple to do.

    Good luck!
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  • I am just in the process of starting up an ironing service from home so this has all been very useful !

    Do you think it's ok to set a minimum charge ? I will be offering collection and delivery in with the price so dont want to be charging around town for a couple of ££ - hence wanting a min charge of around £10?

    What sort of turnaround is expected - I am thinking 48hrs - extra if they want same day service?

    Do you provide hangers as part of the cost or can I charge for these. I have found a supplier so wont have a problem getting hold of them.

    What sort of pricing have other people found? Around here it seems quite expensive (Cambs).

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    Hi Elen, I used to work in a launderette that offered a collection and delivery service...(not ironing)
    Yes, I would have a minimum charge, you could quite easily find yourself collecting 2 or 3 items from a customer.
    Personally, I would include the hangers rather than charging extra, you amy find that some customers send in their own plastic ones...I know I always could always ask regular customers to return the hangers...helps keep the cost down etc.
    Will you be using the plastic garment covers, they look professional and keep things clean, also, you can get several garments into a cover.

    Please make sure that you notify your car insurance that you will be using it for business, also get cover for goods in transit, then you will be covered if there is an accident and clothes are damaged.

    Good luck.
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