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  • I have been working for over a year for an ironing lady, she has now opened a shop and my work from has all but stopped which is leaving me financially strapped to say the least.

    I am thinking of starting my own ironing business up and know that she has stopped deliveries in this area so there is a market

    I will be delievering leaflets in the coming days but what else do I need to consider? Tax, company name etc or shall I do casual till I am established?

    Any help appreciated.

    If I have posted in wrong place I aplologise
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    i have my own cleaning business now which i am extremely busy with. i started out with an agency but then realised how much money they were making out of me just getting the work.

    i decided to advertise in shops and the work has snowballed, i now employ a part timer as well as my oh when hes free. i did have a lot of people ask if i did ironing as well which i usually turned down. i have realised that there is serious money to be made especially if you are reliable and very trustworthy. most of the work now is recomendations so i dont advertise.

    how i did tax and ni is i went self employed and had a lot of help from business link and various agencies which helped me. i also joined cleaning forums on the web and got a lot of tips from other people.

    i would say definately go for it as there is a great demand out there and it is scary when you first start out as you always worry if you are going to make it. i am happier now than ever working for myself and its financially more rewarding than having a 9-5 job as i can also take time when kids are ill ect without worrying. if you want any help then feel free to pm me. good luck xx.
  • Hi all me and my mum run a ironing service in the wigan and surrounding areas we've been running 5 years now. I think charging per hour will be shooting yourself in the foot charge per item we charge £12.50 per 20 items of clothing and have a customer base of 20-30 customers per night we have 2 vans. eventually after getting so much work at first it was a bit slow we decided to convert our garage into a work area it stops your house from getting all that fluff. the reason why we charge per item is because some people are harder than others so if a shirt would take me 5 minutes then thats 12 shirts per hour. where as we can iron 20 items in 30 minutes to a really good standard.

    Sorry for the long post

    Good luck

    Stephb xx
  • Costa Lot

    I am in te kent area and have been working for an ironing company for over a year, however she has opened a shop and now work has dried up for me at home so am branching out on my own, in maidstone - anyone fancy joining me? need help re tax, insurance etc

    sarah x x
  • Thnkyou

    ididn't see the replies i am gonna go for it - DH printing me up some flyers and I can get delivering in next few days see what happens!!!!!!!! I am very excited to be going alone just hope I don't tread on my lady's toes but she has her shop now and as I say most work is being done there..

    where do i get garment covers from and do i need insuance to start

    thankyou so much x x x x
  • To be honest when customers start using you check all the items for burns and stuff and then dont iron it and tell them the reason why we've been honest with our customers and they are greatful for it as you dont want the hassle of someone claming you have burnt something when you haven't .

    Have you thought of any names yet?
    try to target new build estates as the people have just moved in and cant be bothered to do their ironing that way they will tell their friends, family, collegues word travels fast and you'll soon be snowed under with work.

    we are in the wigan area but cover surrounding areas there must be atleast 10-15 other ironing services in the area but there is enough work out there for everyone so dont worry about your old employer.

    good luck!

    Stephb xx
  • Thnkyou Stephb

    I was thinking 60p per adult item and 25p per childs then 1.00 per bedding set incl under sheets.

    Thought of name Iron 4You?

    thanks for help really appreciate it - very excited now

    sarah x x
  • ery excited have had some leaflets done and will be ready to drop them through doors later today also placed two freeads.

    Hope I get some feedback and even one customer would be good to start

    x x
  • we charge 63p per item and kids 30 up to the age of 7

    i'd charge more than that for bedding we stopped doing it because it took forever and it was always out of line :(

    Stephb xx
  • Just found this site, and wanted to say hello.
    I started a laundry service in May this year, and targeted the local B&B's guest houses small hotels, to do linen, towels etc. and business has gone through the roof, I do free pick up and delivery, wash dry and iron. It's hard work, but so worth it, now buying my second van
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