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  • Hi Flossie thanks for your ideas the problem ive found with customers using us for the first time can usually be one off's, we have some people thinking that they deserve a special rate because they are special i dont mean it funny or anything but they aren't my bread and butter we should be looking after our regular customers :) so what we do is if you refer a friend and they use our they get £2.50 knocked off their next order ect :)

    Steph xx
  • Any of you money savers in Preston, looking to Farm out my ironing and would much rather give the money to one of us!
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  • cazicazi Forumite
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    Hi all :)
    I started up my own ironing business last week, have got some leaflets done etc, but I also set up a website, only took a few hours and I have had over 100 hits already, so hopefully it will bring me in some business.

    I have this morning, also had my first enquiry, and that came through the website.

    So if anyone has any good tips (many of the ones here I have/plan to use) I ould be grateful. Thanx :)
  • Hi everyone :hello:
    I am so glad I've seen this thread. I've been thinking about this idea for a while now, and I think I was waiting for some encouragement before I go ahead and do anything to start the ball rolling.

    I already have 2 part time jobs, and with the kids I was just looking for a bit of something on my two days off (tues/weds). i would probably be doing the ironing on a tuesday night and taking it back wednesdays some time. so i thought i could advertise the 24 hr turn around thing.
    it would only be on a small scale and id probably charge per basket load and take a washing basket of my own in order to fill it for the price- then i know im not going to end up with a massive great basket for same price!
    id probably only be looking at about £30-40 a week to start with.

    I'm having a serious think about this now so very grateful for the ideas!

    xx nog xx

    any help which can be offered for my situation id be very grateful.
  • I,M new to this but i was very interested in the ironing thing, does anyone know how to get started, and if anyone in birmingham needs a reliable and honest cleaner or ironer please feel free to get in touch.
  • Hi im doing ironing and cleaning in newcastle and gateshead! been doing it a while now so have excellent refs just need more work now ! so any one needs me pm me please
  • shaileytuffshaileytuff Forumite
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    what a great thread

    was looking at ways to make a bit of extra cash, am a SAHM girls at school and DH works shifts so am usually at home in eves fab idea.

    I live in Medway kent and am just researching local competition etc was thinking of charging using a basket, i would buy a couple of medium sized baskets (probably the plastic/rubber handled ones you use to store toys) and set my rates on this probably about £15 for 20 items including delivery and collection does this seem wise?
    Also how did you produce your flyers did you ise A5 and print them off somewhere any ideas on this going to advertise on gumtree etc

    ooh how exciting
  • vixaroonivixarooni Forumite
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    Sorry, i havent read through the pages so i dunno if its been posted before but you could maybe advertise in the halls of universities? You may get a few rich kids who would be willing to pay.

    You can make youre own flyers on Word and print them off at home.
  • wondered how to check on the name front, dont want to use someone elses name is it only yellow pages and phone book?
  • katiekatkatiekat Forumite
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    My best advertising I did was and is adverts in Newsagents plain & simple, doesen't cost much & has been so effective..
    Doing leaflet drops in houses didn't get me any work, work took a while to come in, but this week alone am up to 6 jobs so far! decide the hours you want to do, how many jobs a week? Do you accept Ironing on a weekend? ( I don't pick up or drop off on a weekend, working fulltime & doing this weekdays is enuf!)
    Look after your regulars, one regular runs a Mums & Tots group & took flyers in there for me, Ironing can be a great way of earning extra cash if you are willing to put in the hard work!
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