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  • If you were working while still at you and repayed you should be eligable for a refund. They can only take the money from you if

    1.) You have graduated or left Uni
    2.) You earned enough money for the minimum repayment threshold
    3.) You did not voluntairly over pay.

    If none of these conditions were met when they took money from you, you could be due a refund.
  • Hi,

    I called SLC yesterday and asked them to check as I believed I'd started paying back early, however they told me there would be no way of checking this as it is the HMRC who would have this info and not them? They said the only way to check is to find my P60 from the 2008-2009 year (God knows where that is). This seemed a bit strange to me as others had been able to get somewhere by ringing up?
    Any advice welcome!
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    loopylou49 wrote: »
    Any advice welcome!

    The obvious advice is to do as SLC have told you and contact HMRC. You might even be able to do it online through your tax account.
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    I completed my degree in 2016, but whilst there I was overpaid a grant due to changing circumstances whilst studying. I was paid a Parents Learning Allowance or similar and finance for childcare, it was all demanded back off me whilst I was still studying which would have meant I would have to leave my course and it would all have been for nothing.

    They agreed to defer reclaiming it till I graduated, but its over 6k! have been paying off a small amount per month through my existing Stepchange DMP just to get them off our backs.

    Will Student Finance ever accept a full and final which is less than this debt or am I doomed to be paying it forever ?

    At the time I should have contested it, but as a DSA student I was having a very bad mental health episode and agreed to anything just so I could cling on to my place and finish my course.

    They wanted all my incomings and outgoings etc to decide how much I should pay. I was made to feel ashamed and awful on the phone by SLC. This overpayment wasnt my fault and as I explained on the phone, I could hardly be expected to repay it, as it went on childcare and living costs, I couldnt ask the childminder for a refund. I believe we just surpassed our estimated income one year, rendering us ineligible for the finances which had already been paid.

    We want to apply for a mortgage this year and this may hold us back. I've even considered taking out a loan to pay it back but its so unfair and humiliating plus I will have to pay interest

    Please help

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    Hi all,

    I've just a little question regarding reclaiming payments made before the April after graduation.

    I used the SLC to fund a foundation degree (in my case, FdSc -- classed as higher education and worth 2/3rds of a BSc). I then continued to do a BSc "top-up" course to turn this into a full degree. Would the graduation date used for purposes of repayments be that of the foundation degree or that of the full degree?

    I appreciate the article has the section "What if I studied another course after my first degree?", however I'm unsure whether foundation degrees would be classed under that...

    My hunch is that they will be seen as two separate courses -- despite being related to each other -- therefore payments should have started the April after the first course.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation?

    Thanks for any help :)
  • I had to start repaying my student loan as my child maintenance payment from ex took me over threshold. However should child maintenance be classed as income, surely this is money to support the child, not my debts. Please advise
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    didi50 wrote: »
    I had to start repaying my student loan as my child maintenance payment from ex took me over threshold. However should child maintenance be classed as income, surely this is money to support the child, not my debts. Please advise
    You say "had to". How were the payments made? Taken from self assessment tax return? Or through PAYE?
  • After watching your show last night I telephoned SLC this morning. After a short wait on hold I have just received £205 refund straight into my bank account!!
  • I also had issue. Rang up and was told yes I was due some money back but to check whether or not I was owed more I would need to try and find my p60 from that year. Went away and didn’t have much luck so called back to get the refund I was told I was owed. All of a sudden I’m not owed it anymore.
    It’s really frustrating and I’m looking to complain, did you decide to do this in the end?
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    Hi all

    To clear up a bit of confusion, is the pay threshold related to the year you START your studies or the year you FINISH your studies?
    I began my course in 2011 when the repayment threshold was £17,775 but left University in 2014 when the treshold was then £21,000.
    I!!!8217;ve been paying SLC out of my monthly wage packet since 2015 but if my threshold should be the upper (£21,000) then I wouldn!!!8217;t have been required to do this.

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